About Me

welcome to the burnett peeps! my name is catherine. i started blogging as a way to document the musings of daily life. sometimes i feel super inspired, other times i just need to get info down before it leaves my brain- it never seems to stay for very long! lol... i am married to mike. we met on the internet before people did that 'sort of thing'. we crossed paths on aol when aol *was* the internet. we emailed back and forth several times. the first time we spoke on the phone, we talked for 5 hours! i remember him telling me he wore birkenstocks a lot. for some reason, that made me think, i could like this guy! it's the deep things, i tell ya! anyway, i felt so sure of myself, when we decided to meet, i gave him my address! *gasp* yup, he drove from tuscaloosa to memphis, right to my door step. i opened that door and was like *whoa*. and then his dog met my dog and his dog felt the same *whoa* about my dog that i did about mike! lol... so there started our journey. in 2007 we finally felt like it was time to grow our little family unit. giles michael was born july 20. one day after mike's birthday. which added the 5th july birthday for our combined families! then in 2012, we felt that it was time to add one more peep to the pack. crawford was born june 15th. 2 days before father's day. it's a good thing mikey is generous- he gets to share both of his special days with his boys! i know he loves it very much!
mike and i love the freedoms that working from home allows, so we both do! i paint easter baskets and sell them through pink peeps place on etsy and enjoy sharing information about Young Living essential oils as much as i can. mike is a skilled computer dude who can do much with a computer, so he gets paid to help people who can't :) he also is a mobile marketing specialist who helps businesses connect with their clientele through mobile markets. so, that is us in a nutshell...
thanks for coming by and visitng with the burnett peeps, we're glad you're here!