Saturday, August 6, 2016

we celebrated with star wars and rainbows


sometimes you just nail it. and you have to give yourself props.

props to me. lol...

why have i tried to have two separate birthday parties 
for my summer birthday babies all these years?

one party. two kids. three cheers.

so, in the month of august. on tax holiday, no less...
we celebrated giles turning 9 on july 20th
& crawford turning 4 on june 15th.
and it was a smashing success.
let me preface that with- my goal was to have a
plain jane, old-fashioned park party.
and we did.

with 0 fancy the worlds of star wars for the boys
and rainbows for me collided. it was awesome.

my melamine rainbow serving pieces 
& our black, gold and white accents representing star wars
were all pulled together by my target tshirt...

and i totally only realized that this morning.
but it *looked* like i was super creative and planned it all.

i am embracing simplicity & we loved how easy it made
our little party adventure today.
we grilled hotdogs at home. bought snacks, watermelon, 
drinks & super yum cupcakes from sams.

that was it. done. finito.
and that made me so happy.
i enjoy doing all the preparing & cooking
but not at this stage in the game.
i was positively giddy with the decision to 
leave it up to sams this year. 
i will not be original next year either.
nor will each kid get a separate party.
unless, well... i am not planning for them to, 
we can leave it at that.
i like double parties. a lot.

ok. so. if i *were* to brag on myself- 
which really, i am not-
because- pinterest.
but, if i *were* it would just be on the fact that 
i actually found an idea i liked and i implemented it.
i recruited aunt skye to join me,
sure i would mess it up if i went it alone...
we made pool noodle light sabers.
we chopped a pool noodle in half.
we used duct tape in silver and black
to create "details."
here is the best part- they actually held up! 
like really! i didn't see any of them come apart.
and these things got worked out big time!

crawford drank *at least* 4 of these.
and mike took him to potty *at least* 5 times.
no joke.
we have learned to hide these from crawford until party day.
despite their appearance, they are only like 10 calories
and super low in sugar... little hugs. who can resist?

these guys had a blast!!! 
ben {in the middle} and giles both have mr ray for 3rd grade.

aunt skye & uncle chris made an appearance!

giles & graham celebrate each other every summer.
they are only 5 days apart & have been friends since they were 2!

giles was so happy to see his sweet friend, jeremiah!

and this crew...
they were having a ball!
crawford has a super sweet class & several joined us today!

{lesley, karen}

{amy, kelli, tammy}

{matt, nikki}


^^^ all of these wonderful mamas {& daddies} make me so happy!
we are so blessed by the friendships our boys have led us to.
i am so sad, there are several families i didn't get pictures of!
but fun was had by all & we were so happy to see 
all of the faces that came and celebrated with us!

and while i was working on getting these ^^^ out,

sweet baby kolton was working on getting these out {of his way}

we laughed. it was FINE! 
he only got one box... and even tho they looked
quite awful, they tasted just the same! 

and if you could have only seen the first batch of hot dogs
that mike grilled this morning. oops. they just about went up in FLAMES!
we fixed that little dilemma too :)
with a quick trip to sams and a daddy who worked his tail 
off to get them cooked & to the party just in time for hungry guests.

this party will not be forgotten!

the boys were lavished with thoughtful gifts
& more importantly the friends who came and 
partied with us! that was the icing on the cupcake!

this happy camper got right down to business.
we opened and played with EVERYTHING
and giles already got on amazon and ordered two things
with one of his gift cards! that boys loves to
shop like his mama! and amazon never disappoints!

happy birthday, boys!
crawford is already asking when he turns 5!

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