Wednesday, July 20, 2016

the start of summer...

so far the summer has not disappointed!

swimming lessons commenced memorial day
& have provided lots of swimming

this was crawford's first summer to take swim lessons.
coach nancie blewitt has been teaching lessons for
over 40yrs, so i think it is a safe bet that he's in good hands.
she evaluates each swimmer and she put him
in the beginner group. 
giles had swimming lessons a few years ago
and went a couple of summers without. 
then last year he took at bowers with coach nancie 
as an intermediate swimmer.
this year his evaluation put him right into pre-team. 
he'a had a great summer of lessons
and is really progressing with learning his form.

 crawford's swim evaluation

giles' swim evaluation

 crawford is a big fan of swim paraphenalia
goggles. rings. 

 crawford had so much fun celebrating anna harding richardson
at her 4th birthday at the pool at indian hills.
mama didn't give much thought to how big the pool was
or how little swimming crawford had done yet this summer.
we showed up with no floatie and mama wasn't dressed to swim.
we didn't skip a beat. we borrowed a floatie, 
matched anna harding and swam our little hearts out!

 crawford is confident. he wears pink just fine.

 both boys are geared up and got a few books to start off the summer.
the library has a reading program & so does barnes & noble!
you get free stuff! i think the library does a tshirt 
and b&n has a list of books the kids can choose from. 

i am just publishing this "as-is"
summer has flown! i haven't kept up with our activities 
in real time, so i'll try going back and capturing 
what this old brain can recall.

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