Sunday, May 22, 2016

so what if my vacuuming isn't done.
i can't let the summer go by and not recap
my baby boy's 8th birthday!!!

happy birthday giles!!!
 you have been around for 8 amazing years.
these have been some of the most fun, best years of our lives
because of YOU!!!
you make days brighter.
 you are a thinker.
you have energy and love to run.
you love your friends.
 you love your school.
 you love your brother {but try to hide it at some point most days}.
you are moving up the ranks in karate.
you love to get together with friends.
you like pokemon and minecraft.
you love books and reading.
a good trip to the library is always welcomed.
this summer you read all of the
Diary of a Wimpy Kid books,
you read about Tom Sawyer and Treasure Island,
you started and are loving the Lemony Snicket series. 
it is so fun to see you take a book and blanket 
and curl up for "20 minutes" only to come out an hour later.
you and crawford play legos, nerf guns, war,
and you love to use the hose on the trampoline. 

i'll recap in pictures, as you are one celebrated little boy!
enjoy your life always as you do now...

well... clearly, i never did recap his bday! i will try to add some pics

 last night as a 7 year old!
birthday boy!!!
 birthday boy and brudder

 happy birthday lunch with stephanie & the wyatt girls!
giles, crawford, emma, mary grace & avery
 birthday boys belated bday fun at mimi's and poppy's house!
 ooooh! nerf goodness!!!

out to dinner with daddy to celebrate his birthday and giles' birthday!
yum! dinner at hokkaido, giles' top pick! {mine too!}
crawford surprised us all and loved sushi... go figure. ha!

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