Thursday, May 26, 2016

End of year 2nd grade with Giles

second grade rocks
{the shirt was our *thank you* to mrs swinney}

and, indeed, it did rock. 

there were smooth rocks and sharp rocks.
big rocks and little rocks.
rockin' rocks and rocks we probably could have done without.

but THESE rocks 
helped us make this year the awesome year it was...

 our very awesome teacher, mrs swinney
 our family friend and magnet middle school staff member
kay harris
she is my steady. she brings giles home or picks him up
in a pinch. she loves on him when he checks in with her from
time to time. it is a gift to have her in our lives. i love that he 
sees her at school, but also at church. she loves giles and he knows it.
 mrs hollins is the elementary school guidance counselor.
she is fantastic with the kids and has been a great supporter of giles.
this lady. oh my goodness. we just love her big.
mrs taylor. she absolutely adores giles and you know that makes
a mama's heart swell. she is the "gatekeeper" i tell giles. lol...
she is the backbone, heartbeat, steady  -she is all of it.
giles loves checking in with mrs taylor and she always
has a little treat in her drawer just for him. 
she is just one of those people who makes you feel calm
and like everything is going to be just fine.
love her!

so we got a chance to speak to each of these ladies
while i was at school for honors day
and thank them for pouring into giles and making the magic school
even more magical than it already is.

giles received was awarded the IB trait of being a "thinker"

and was also recognized for being student of the month
in the month of april.
which is reflected in this recognition from mr bissell

papers are coming out of our ears. well, really, just out of backpacks,
but it is overwhelming all the same.
at least we get some gems to make it all worth it...
he loves his mother, y'all! awww.... that boy. i love him.
i love how favorites are so often just "of the moment"
like couscous- lol! while he does like it, we just happened
to have it for dinner recently
tokyo must come from the fact he just recently took a 
partnerships class with university of alabama students
who taught them japanese
and i am glad he "wants" to go to utah this summer,
because we are going!
and while the information can change with the conversation...
on this reflection he wants to be a marine
but he told mrs swinney in his recap with her, 
he wants to be a navy seal... he's got his work cut out for him.

yesterday was a ton of fun and i loved seeing all of the
people who see giles at school everyday loving on him.
it did me good.
it was so hectic pictures with friends sadly got left of the list
o well. you can't do it all!

today is giles' last day. he won't go tomorrow as we have
a commitment with swimming and they are just playing board games.
so today was our last day! 
and they are having a luau...
how fun we have a cousin who loved him some 
hawaiian shirts and passed them on to us!

and here we have it.
first day of second grade. last day of second grade.
looks like we had a little growth spurt...
not really a great comparison with the different angles & light.

alright third grade... i have heard you aren't too easy
we have already been praying for our teacher & classmates
for awhile now. i am sure i should add in praying for me, too...

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