Sunday, May 22, 2016

i know i am going to regret not blogging for almost a year 
when i look back and want to reminiscence on the year 
giles was in second grade & crawford was in 3yr old preschool!
or when they have questions or wonder what kept me from 
blogging for an insane amount of time!
no excuse.
just didn't make the time :(

we are in the last days of school and
my nostalgia is kicking in. 
crawford is one year away from kindergarten!
giles is heading to third grade next year. 
and all i have ever heard was how hard third grade is.
i hope i hear from some friends that it really isn't that bad- 
you know, talk me off the ledge...

crawford had so much fun in his 3rd year at kiddie kollege.
he learned so so much this year. 
he has known his ABCs for many months now.
he counts- i am not even sure how high he can count, but it's up there.
it's cute how he leaves out the "ten" number when 
he gets to counting 18, 19, ..., 21!
28, 29, ..., 31!, etc... 
he says, "tomorrow, on saturday..." for most every future reference
as well as, "yesterday, on saturday..." for the past.
he has had the great fortune of being at one preschool for all his years.
it is something if i could change for giles i would in a heartbeat.
i am not sure how it would have been different, but 
i just feel like it would have been really awesome for him to have 
had that stability that crawford has had.

this year in the 3's crawford had ms laura {farmer} and ms melissa {tuten}

ok... this is sad. in looking back, i did *not* 
get a picture on the first day of school with his teachers :(
so here is crawford with ms laura at open house... 

giles has had an interesting at times, but overall amazing second grade year.
he had such a wonderful experience in first grade,
second grade had a lot to live up to!
mrs swinney did not disappoint.
what a great encourager and supporter of giles she has been!
giles has thrived under her leadership.
there have been some ups and downs in the process
of maturing and learning to navigate his social world.
he had a special group in his first grade class
and somehow ended up with none of those boys sharing his class this year.
it has had its moments, but he has learned to make 
new friends and learned lots of valuable lessons along the way.
he has many interests. karate, soccer, reading, art, music.
he started the year reading at a 5.3 grade level
and is finishing the year at a 7.8 grade level... 
this mama has some work cut out for her in finding appropriate
yet engaging books for him to read this summer!
he has devoured, almost twice, a 3 book series
inspired by the game minecraft.
not exactly the classics... but, he really enjoys them and so we go with it.

giles has brought himself very close to the rank of black belt in karate.
he is a level one red belt. he will have two more tests before
he tests for his black belt.
that is so hard for me to believe.
he has worked diligently and consistently for this goal 
and i cannot wait to see him achieve it!

so. it took about 3 days to get this done. 
good grief. 

crawford is done with his 3 year old preschool year. 
hopefully i will get that documented super soon!

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