Saturday, June 13, 2015

happy birthday, crawford! 

technically, i am 2 days ahead of myself.
but if i am motivated to document, then document i do!

today we lucked out with a slight overcast
& milder summer day for a birthday party! 
partly cloudy and low-mid 80's...
i will take that over the forecast that was looming
throughout the week. thunderstorms. no thank you!

crawford was SO excited to have his party. 
knowing how much work it takes to put a party
together and into action, his appreciation
was that much sweeter.
he just loved knowing that the party
was for celebrating him.
and i did too.

it was a fun time at the shelby park fountains
school friends & church friends & family friends
all came out and joined in the fun

crawford is a Paw Patrol fan,
so a firetruck theme it was-

sitting down to reflect on the day 
& looking at pictures, i didn't get nearly as many
as i would have liked.
it was so sunny it was hard to even
see what i was taking a picture of!
so, i guess i am just glad i remembered to get *some* pics

 the spread included pizza, "smokies," "hot" {not really, just fire related :)} peppers, 
fire balls {clementines}, flames {cheetos}, matches {white chocolate dipped pretzel rods},
and homemade cupcakes with Dalmatian spots!

 junior firefighter emma

auntie skye made sponge bombs

 brooks and crawford, the best of friends!

curt and fireman roy 

max and crawford, the best buds 

 giles running in the fountains!

pilar and dominic, chillin....

 the rileys
kelly, kolton, brooks & brett

 adrienne, baby breckham & asheley


 school friends

 evan & graham

 avery & crawford

 crawford LOVES paw patrol!