Thursday, August 13, 2015

oh so much catching up to do!!!

around here we are diaper and crib free!!!
it's been a busy summer ;)
crawford took a couple of weeks to get potty training down.
and about four weeks in, we were almost accident free too.
we have made two road trips- 
the first one was only about 10 days in, 
no accidents!
and the second one was just a couple of weeks ago, 
no accidents!
it was glorious!!!
and now that we are good and into this whole diaper-free deal, 
i am finding myself feeling giddy when 
in the middle of an outing, i realize that i am diaper bag free, too!
now *that* is a relief!
yay, crawford!!!

...and then it was as if he suddenly knew he had "parts!!!"
fortunately the novelty has worn off and he's hands-free more often than not.

on our first road trip to memphis
we got to see georgie.
georgie was mine and mike's yorkie baby, pre-kids.
when giles came along, he tolerated giles. but he was like ???
only child problems.
so when i was expecting crawford, i was like ???
i have one kid. one on the way. and a grumpy, grumpy dog.
and probably a lacking in the patience department.
i was already panicked about how i was going to get a baby to sleep/nap
with a rambunctious big brother.
a doggie that barked at EVERYTHING and nipped at kiddos...
enter mimi and didi :)
mimi and didi were pet-free at the time.
and probably not really looking to change that...if we're tellin' the truth :)
but, georgie really *was* a sweet little fella.
so, i asked. and, they agreed.
georgie goes to memphis!!!
this was in the early part of 2012, if i recall correctly.
so, for the past 3 years he has enjoyed being the only child again.
and mimi and didi saved the day.
and all was well.
until late spring this year. georgie wasn't feeling well.
and he was almost 13 years old.
so we knew it might be a "last"
which made these pictures really special when georgie departed on june 16th.
mimi and didi were with him and took the best care of him,
from start to finish.

oh georgie... haha... look at his eyes cutting back to the side.
it's "the KIDS" he's saying.... haha....

RIP georgie! thank you for being a sweet boy :)

on a lighter note...
our trip was full of cousin time. and that's always fun!

we always have fun. cousins are special friends, for sure.

we got back home just in time for giles to start swim lessons.
these were more to learn strokes and water confidence.
giles had a really great time!!!
he had to be evaluated and was put into the intermediate group.
he had the coach plus a personal swim coach with each lesson.
and brother could come and swim too!
we loved it!

Giles tested for his 3rd degree blue belt and passed that exam...
he has come so far in karate. we are so happy for his perseverance.
it is not always easy for a energy-filled little guy to stand still in line.
and he learns so much! it is so impressive to see how he has progressed.

man... the more i recap, and just hit the highlights...
we had a busy summer!!!

dr wes gave the boys clean bills of health!
no cavities. whew!

crawford took a bit to come around, but he did.
and for some reason, ever since his dental visit,
he has been the best brusher at home!
i can't attribute anything to it, or anything dr wes did or said.
but this mama is happy because it is much better to not argue!

and playdates! we had quite a few...
it is always so fun to get together with friends outside of school!
and to see the amazement on kiddos when they are 2-3 years old...
haha, that is priceless. they just think it is magical that they have
just suddenly found all of their friends at the same place!
not a care or a plan in the world.
to them, they are just ready to play!
and it is even MORE fun when your playdate
runs into another playdate and you just merge it allllll together.
so fun. crawford has the very sweetest little friends.
they are so sweet to each other and genuinely just love each other.

giles could be found on the rock-climbing wall.
he loved that. and realized quickly,... it is WORK!

and it isn't summer without check ups!
so we got to do a few of those.
giles was NOT loving that gown.
i might have made threats to even get that much of a smile out of him.
and he was SO not a fan of the finger prick.
which was hilarious because he used to blow my mind
at how calm he was about shots.
i think he just worked it up to be much more than it was.
he was happy when it was over and there was lavender.

crawford had his too...

we use lavender for everything first aid, 
so i was really surprised to learn that crawford
HATES band-aids!!!
when he got his finger prick and 
the nurse tried to put it on, he would have no part of it!
this lavender loving, oil loving mama wasn't too sad.
it was funny though. what kid doesn't LOVE a band-aid?!??!

one more quick trip to memphis
having fun on an errand... 
not sure what happened and why i didn't take more pics???
anyway. it was fun. as always!

we always celebrate a lot in the summer
with ALL THREE OF MY BOYS having birthdays!
but poor mikey... post-kids... he just gets a little bit shafted.
i call myself a good multi-tasker.
but, i must not be.
poor mikey's bday is always overshadowed by giles' bday.
mikey's is on the 19th, giles' on the 20th.
so he does get celebrated... just not quite as much.
let's take for example
{do i really want to do this to myself???}
when mikey turned 40....

there may, or may not have been, 40 presents wrapped.
gosh, my floors were so clean.
and the upholstered chair was so clean.
what 10 years and 2 kids and multiple cats and dogs will do to your house...
{i probably should *not* have done this...}

and when mikey turns 50...
now, those pancakes were a LABOR of LOVE
cinnamon swirl pancakes, uh-huh.

 some cards and snacks.
we do love you, mikey... oh so much!!!
 i would hate for anyone to think
that the animals around here are overworked.

and don't get the proper amount of bathing...

 or hanging out time.........

so that about sums us up this summer.
it has been a SUPER DUPER HOT late July and August.
can't deny that!
but we sure enjoy the lazy days, late nights, early mornings,
hanging out with friends, road trips, adventures & rest.

coming up. giles' birthday celebration recap.
and back to school!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

happy birthday, crawford! 

technically, i am 2 days ahead of myself.
but if i am motivated to document, then document i do!

today we lucked out with a slight overcast
& milder summer day for a birthday party! 
partly cloudy and low-mid 80's...
i will take that over the forecast that was looming
throughout the week. thunderstorms. no thank you!

crawford was SO excited to have his party. 
knowing how much work it takes to put a party
together and into action, his appreciation
was that much sweeter.
he just loved knowing that the party
was for celebrating him.
and i did too.

it was a fun time at the shelby park fountains
school friends & church friends & family friends
all came out and joined in the fun

crawford is a Paw Patrol fan,
so a firetruck theme it was-

sitting down to reflect on the day 
& looking at pictures, i didn't get nearly as many
as i would have liked.
it was so sunny it was hard to even
see what i was taking a picture of!
so, i guess i am just glad i remembered to get *some* pics

 the spread included pizza, "smokies," "hot" {not really, just fire related :)} peppers, 
fire balls {clementines}, flames {cheetos}, matches {white chocolate dipped pretzel rods},
and homemade cupcakes with Dalmatian spots!

 junior firefighter emma

auntie skye made sponge bombs

 brooks and crawford, the best of friends!

curt and fireman roy 

max and crawford, the best buds 

 giles running in the fountains!

pilar and dominic, chillin....

 the rileys
kelly, kolton, brooks & brett

 adrienne, baby breckham & asheley


 school friends

 evan & graham

 avery & crawford

 crawford LOVES paw patrol!