Tuesday, July 22, 2014

i really should blog about giles' birthday before this...
but.. this just happened today and requires no thought to post.
in fact, it might even inspire me to actually blog about g's birthday.

but, this. THIS is crawford.
this is crawford burnett in his element. 
he loves to play and he is quite good at entertaining himself.
he will disappear into his room and i can hear him playing
for long stretches of time, especially considering he's only 2!

today he was have a ball playing in his room with his 2 grocery carts.
i might have known that he was climbing in and out of one of them.
it is a little bit bigger, it has a wide base, it's plastic.
is it safe? probably not.
but, it makes him happy. terrible, i know.

anyway. this afternoon while i was making dinner, 
he had gone back down the hall to his room.
and as any mom knows, a kitchen during dinner prep, 
WITHOUT CHILDREN is quite a nice place.
so. i left him to playing.

then i heard his sweet little voice that i cherish saying,
"i get out! i get out!"
which translated really means, "by golly, i am ready to get out of this place!!!" 
and usually that refers to his crib after waking up.
and i knew he was not in his crib.
so i go quick-like to discover this.

to which my initial reaction was,
in a very firm and serious tone, to call giles. 
and instruct him to not make a big deal of it, 
but go get my phone NOW. :)
it was all both of us could do not to laugh.
and crawford knew it.
and when he saw my camera/phone, 
he said, "CHEESE!" 

so, he had stuffed himself... and my that i mean i have no ever-loving idea
he got his body into that tiny little seat of the melissa & doug grocery cart,
but, he did. 
and then i got worried... what if i can't get him out???
but, we did.