Monday, June 23, 2014

crawford turns 2!!!

crawford turned 2!
so i decided it might be fun to document.
and dust off the ol' bloggie.
i am exhausted, 
so i wonder how bad this will really be???

my babies are growing like little weeds.
giles is going to be 7 next month. 
crawford is 2!
i don't really have a baby anymore...
except for the fact that
crawford is still in diapers, still takes a paci and still takes a bottle.
and i am oh so fine with all of that. 
i know shortly i will be ready to move on,
but for now, one thing at a time.
2nd birthday? check.
everything else? check back later. :)

the little stinker is the most perfect for us child.
like me, he delights in making people laugh.
and he's tender. and silly. he loves to dance.
he tries to sing. he says 'thank ooo' and 
he strikes a mean 'hi-ya!' when he's 'practicing his karate.'
he's a big fan of his daddy. BIG. FAN. 
he tries to make the sign of the cross when we say our blessing.
and when we are praying in the car or listening to VBS cds- 
he shouts a fine 'may-men!!!'
he has eye lashes for days. and he likes to cuddle with me.
he squeals when we play the baby einstein number nursery dvd 
and says something about the caterpillar worm thingy that 
we have yet to decipher.
he loves his mimi and the fact that he can eat 
like a junk-food junkie at her house.
he is so sweet to his poppy when he visits at the nursing home,
or when poppy comes for special visits.
{like last night at crawford's party, he was unwrapping his presents
and turning to poppy and saying "hee-ya" as he handed him 
wrapping paper from his presents}

he loves to chat on the phone with mimi janie and didi when we are driving in the car.
crawford is a bit of a dare-devil in some ways.
he does things giles didn't do... not sure why this surprises us?
last night at his party he was walking around the house
with a spray bottle of cleaner squirting it- and sometimes 
getting his targets! we got that away from him {it was non-toxic, natural
cleaner, but still....} then he found the hardwood floor cleaner... 
somewhat like someone else i know {a-hem... i have no idea who?!??!}l
he doesn't much like to be told 'no'--- so when I he hears no,
he sometimes doesn't like it much and pitches a fit, 
or finds something else equally troublesome to do... 
so he's funny & sweet...but you need to stay on your toes... for. sure.

we celebrate birthdays kinda a lot around here... 
usually one party just isn't enough. we must have two.
so, we did.

last sunday was father's day AND crawford's birthday.
since we knew most people would be busy with their families, 
we decided to have our celebrations a week later.

so following receiving this invite...
we had a party!

saturday we lucked out on a beautiful, warm, summer day
and partied at annette shelby park's splash pad fountain.
we had lots of fun friends to join us from
preschool and church and points all in-between.
crawford was a tad shy and took awhile to warm up to the idea 
of enjoying the fountains and all of the friends but he got the hang of it.

here's a picture re-cap of saturday festivities

 a moment of sweetness between my most favorites...

in the moments prior to kick off!

 mikey heading in to make sure everyone had toys!

 crawford seeing one of his sweet classmates
and being so unsure of why she was there!

giles and his first & oldest friend, graham

 the walkers! pilar and 'the godfathah' doug

 the mcnamara's!

 if there is any one thing that will forever
remind us of crawford's second birthday party, 
i will have to go with his introduction to little hugs juice drinks.
his first. and his last.
his obsession was a bit unsettling.
it was somewhat like a crack addict i would think.
this picture shows what he would do when he wasn't 
actually drinking one. he was PRETENDING to drink one.
or begging to drink one. or trying his hardest to break the seal so he COULD drink one.
in. sane.

 sweet valori with her clemens boys!

giles with brother buddies: graham & evan and nigel & jonas

 look at that angel
sorry for the blur...
he was just so unsure what to think of all the singing to him!!!

 more sweet siblings... mary grace & emma...
making sure crawford got his cupcake fill!

 and boy, did he!

and following right up with a family gathering, 
we partied more on sunday!

i know one thing is for sure.
if you are going to make two batches of cupcakes, 
you really need a stand mixer. 
my poor little mixer was about to give out.
as was my hand.
stand mixer, one day i will have you. and i. can't. wait...
so on to our second party and second batch of cupcakes!

 oh! the anticipation!

 excited! i think he thought he could have them ALL!!!

 not quite sure about all this singing...

 but QUITE sure about all these cupcakes!

and presents, too! 
he got the most fun and thoughtful gifts from all of
his friends and family. we are having fun playing with books,
cars and trucks and helicopters and trains and bubbles
and play sets and balls and on and on...
we are going to be passing on some our favorites that
crawford has outgrown and can't wait to find just the right
friends who can enjoy them like we have!

i am so grateful. grateful for my boys.
grateful for our family. grateful for our friends.
grateful for the beautiful weather we had to celebrate 
this super special little boy. grateful that we have had the most
entertaining and fun two years with him. and grateful for all 
of the good times to come!