Monday, August 19, 2013

summer rocked. 
we took to summer swimmingly.
sleeping in, lazy days, late nights.
fun with friends.
mindless & countless hours
in front of
{yep, i'm owning it...}
with all the brainless activity, there was also
bike riding
chasing brother
running from brother
overnights with mimi and uncle chris & skye
birthday parties
playdough on the patio
and lots i am sure i am forgetting...

but, today was 
back to school!!!

and boy was he cute!
he was sporting a trimmed up 'do
a new belt
his new monogrammed backpack
and a big smile

he is excited about school and his new teacher, mrs flowers

they had fun meeting each other.
giles got more fond of the new environment
when he started helping himself to all of her fun props!
she was very kind to allow him to 
snoop all over her room!

she took a cute picture of him this morning on his first day
which i love!

we're so glad this day was a success!
it is such a relief to have that 'first' time behind us.

university place elementary is such a neat school.
it feels really great to be a part of such a unique community.

backing up a little, 
so to help giles get ready for his big day
i enlisted the assistance of german tradition.
giles got a schultuete 

i had so much fun getting little things to put in it...
he got a little carton of goldfish, mini m&ms & some fudge striped cookies,
an insulated super hero tumbler with a straw- he's been wanting one!,
some fun little school supplies for home
& a little pencil case with his beloved teenage mutant ninja turtles.
we gave it to him on sunday
-which was suggested in one of the places i was reading about these, 
to ease the excitement that comes with such a surprise!-

it was sort of a fun project for me,
hence, the size :)

and not only has this boy been wracking up the back to school gifts,
he's been keeping the tooth fairy busy, too!

he's down two baby teeth. 
the first one went out in a blaze of glory-
he swallowed it.
he had had a particularly busy few days
so he was going to lay down for a rest one afternoon.
normally when he calls to me after i have tucked him in,
i might not go in with the most loving attitude to see what NOW? :)
but, for some reason, this day, i did.
he said, 'mama, i don't feel my tooth wiggling in my mouth anymore...'
well, son. that is because, ... it isn't. it's gone.
for me, the low drama of how to actually extract the darn thing was avoided.
and i got away with not having to touch the next one either.
we held on to that one...
the tooth fairy pays a buck around here--- and leaves the tooth!

i think that is all the excitement i can recap at one time...
crawford will have his first day of school officially tomorrow.
we have karate and a 6th birthday and a 1st birthday
that i think i might have not gotten around to yet.
what did i *do* all summer???

oh! and i guess it was just so darn chaotic this morning at drop off,
i didn't even cry.
somehow i feel like it is lurking though.
like, maybe it is a few days out, but still hiding in there???
i guess time will tell.