Sunday, June 9, 2013

it's june.
that is my life.
big rearrangements on priorities.
blog- low. 
kids survival- high.
there you have it.

giles has finished preschool at kiddie kollege.
loved every minute.
mrs williams was one of two wonderful teachers he had this year.
she's an angel. really. her dedication is evident. she is now teaching
the kids of kids she taught 30 years ago!
i couldn't pin her down to promising she would still be there
when crawford gets to that age :((( but i tried!

crawford turns 1 year in less than a week!
i really don't know how time passes as quickly as it does. 
it is also brutal to realize.
he's been good to his mommy though.
he's totally taken his time with most milestones.
and i am actually grateful :)
he's just this week started using knees to crawl, sometimes.
he still really isn't saying too much.
however he communicates, a lot!
and he says mama. not dada. mama. lol...
and he sure will let you know if he is the least bit unhappy.
but he's not rushing the talking, walking stuff....
he's very adaptable... go with the flow.
which i guess is almost a requirement of second+ kids.
he takes 2 naps some days, 1 on others.
some days it's 4 bottles, others 3...
he has a bit of separation anxiety when i am around
& someone wants to hold him,
but he's all over a daytrip with my bestie whom he hasn't seen
in about 7 months... i mean seamless transition.
so, i am the problem. hahaha!
here is crawford w louise, my besties daughter... 
he looks quite content doesn't he???
i am going to try to get back in the blog saddle.
one thing is that i take hundreds of photos on my iphone now.
a post without pictures is not so much fun.
i just need to learn how to download and access
my phone pictures in a more timely way...
which, believe it or not, has been slowed down
by my insanely messy desk!
how is that for excuses, excuses?!??!
but there is slow progress in that department,
so hopefully it will all come together nicely over the summer.
organization and consistency...
the two things i am always working hard for
and often feeling like a hamster in the wheel...

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