Saturday, June 15, 2013

happy 1st birthday crawford!

happy birthday to you!
happy birthday to you!
happy birthday, dear crawford, 
happy birthday to you!
cha cha cha

what a weekend it has been!
sweet baby boy is now a year and a few hours old.
the year FLEW by.
i mean, flew.
cannot believe it. can truly hardly take it in!

things are so different for sweet crawford.
picture this as i share with you...
giles' first birthday morning... and crawford's first birthday morning...

this is giles first thing on his bday morning.
picture, hat, singing, mom & dad.


is crawford on his bday morning.
no hat, no singing, dad at work.
{i hope you also realized, no picture, hahaha!}

for crawford, his first birthday morning went more like this...
sleeping in until 10:30am
but then being abruptly plucked from the crib,
sunshine violently erupting in his room from curtains being torn open,
lightening fast diaper change with diaper left still on changing table,
outfit not even snapped,
carried quickly & swiftly adjusted into car seat,
riding with mom,
 LASER BEAM FOCUSED down McFarland Blvd
to arrive at the karate studio
not one minute past the first 10 minutes of class
so big brother could have his lesson today...
{for if you are 11 minutes late, no karate for you!}
all because mom was foggy this morning
and didn't realize class STARTED at 10:45am,
she might have been thinking we needed to LEAVE at 10:45am.
happy birthday, little c.

nothing about life has been slow this year.
each month, week, day & hour
hover between being the longest ever,
to gone in a flash!
i love having the opportunity to experience
'the second time around.'
knowing that it could be our last makes us enjoy it all even more.
the first smile, the first teeth, the first word,
the first time to mobilize & go on his own.
they have all captivated us.
crawford, you are happy.
you do not like to be alone.
you love to mimic. 
the way you converse with us most of the time
at this time in your life is by repeating a little grunt sound.
it is very fun & we just know you have a lot to say!
right now we hear your version of mama...
and recently when you were in memphis, 
your cousin anna jane said you dropped your 
toy duck out of the tub and gave a her a clear 'uh-oh'
i can't wait to hear that!
your hair is growing... the front is a little long
but we're not cutting it yet. i really long to put a little bow in,
but i hold back :)
you are just now starting to crawl on your knees,
mostly you like to army crawl.
your outfits are well-loved by the end of the day!
just yesterday you pulled up to the coffee table
and took a step to reach something!
you'll be cruising in no time...
anything you can actually chew, you are up for trying.
we give you bites of whatever we're eating
if you can chew it. you love bread. you love baby food.
you love bananas. you looooove your bottle.
we're in the process of switching you from formula
to whole milk... so right now it's about half & half.
speaking of eating...
last night, at your birthday party, you were ALL about
the smash cake.
i mean ALL.

you really enjoyed yourself!
your party was so fun :)
you loved your presents & 
you loved everyone being here.
we missed those that couldn't join us,
but it was non-stop fun for you!

 here you are playing with your friend & neighbor penelope
wearing the bib given to you by your friend james
{his mommy made it & also the happy birthday banner!}

 to go with our circus 'theme'
you gave animal crackers for party favors...
although i am not sure we actually 
gave them to anyone...
that is my party weakness--- every year.
i have had to deliver party favors to friends before,
i just get busy and forget!!!
new system, next party :)
here are a few of your presents from mommy, daddy & brother
and the precious happy birthday banner from our friend kelly :)

so you are napping on this lazy saturday afternoon
{i even made big brother take one, too... yesterday was a long day!}
mama & daddy are moving slow
but we are overjoyed to have a 
precious little lump like you to celebrate!

we love you crawford!!!

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Emily G. said...

wonderful post! LOVE all the pics! :)

can't below sweet little C is already one. makes me sad!