Sunday, February 3, 2013

100 days...

celebrating "100 days" is new to me.
it came about after my time in elementary school.
i think i recall vaguely it being a part of my heard girls school
but it's fuzzy...
there will be a school party!
and a project!
so today we tackled the project.
and it was really, really fun.
i saw some perseverance where before there would have been tears
and an abrupt end to any 'fun'
we started with a little sorting.
thank goodness for cheerios!
i thought i happened to have 2 bags 
of pompoms, 50 in each bag.
but, for some reason, when i opened one before,
i carefully resealed it. so much so, i fooled myself!
only after i asked giles to count 'to be sure' we had 100, 
did i realize that we did not, in fact, have 100 as i was certain we did!
so we had to add 18 cheerios to the mix :)
 giles had a big time sorting all of the colors
and counting how many of each color there were.
and when there wasn't a full tray,
we did some quick assessing to see just how many there were.
 i know it is simple math, but his little brain was working!
and it was nothing but pure joy to watch.
 i did some sneaky question asking too...
and he was quick!
made me so proud...
 i had him use tweezers to pick up the cheerios & dip in glue.
he did a good job with that, which was tricky & again, i was proud :)
{oh, and please pardon the attire. it was super bowl, so of course we had 
to wear the football helmet. and then alllllll of his & crawford's clean 
laundry was in the nursery where crawford was sleeping!
so it was pj top & an apron until we found a random pair of pj pants a little later}
 he placed them all by himself!
and he also painted in the red by himself. 
i drew it and painted the top & outlined in red where he needed to paint.
but he did a good job not getting it all over the place!
i made the little place where a gumball would roll out
& i put the .25 on there.
giles noticed that i forgot to put a slot for the money!
i thought that was pretty good :)
and while it is hard to see,
i let HIM draw in the money slot.
OF COURSE i drew it on a scrap piece of paper first...
 in hopes he wouldn't "mess up" the gumball machine.
isn't that SAD???
but, proud of myself here, i let him do it
and even though it is more square 
and going in completely the opposite direction of how i drew my 'sample'
i got over it :)
and was so proud of him for wanting to do it
and trying hard to make it look nice. and it does :)
so there is the finished product.
we had a big time with this.
and even though i wasn't as patient as i should have been 
at times, especially when he got silly with the sorting...
in the end, he was PLEASED and he said he had so much FUN!!!
 i couldn't ask for it to have turned out any better than that.

thanks for letting me brag on my little fella.
he makes me so happy :)