Thursday, January 3, 2013

some stats

a very cute site
had these on one of the deal sites recently.

when giles came along
i had more time and more $$$ to spend decorating his room

with crawford, 
i just got around the dusting the nursery 
for the second time
and he's 6 months.

so of course the decor,
save for the curtains,
has suffered a bit.
but we had friends coming over 
for dinner over the holidays
and i used that as motivation to 
spiff up both of the boy's rooms.

but here is a little addition i love
that i just added to the nursery.
i used one of the frames from 
some art that i had had for giles 
when he was in the nursery. 
so it was a very cost efficient

please excuse the terrible lighting. 
i knew if i waited, it would never get taken.

crawford's new thing of late is his ever-changing
sleep routine. so, i guess that is not really a new thing.
sam's club formula has always been just fine for us.
neither child, praise the Lord, has had formula issues.
they actually have done better on sam's formula
than any of the name brands.
so, naturally, sam's picks NOW 
to repackage their formula.
so our store was sold out.
thanks, sam's. 
could you not have scheduled it to have a little overlap
so as not to run out on the shelves
and leave little baby tummies high and dry?
we don't have huge sensitivity issues with formula,
but yank the old reliable out from under them,
there is going to be trouble!
so, maybe it is coincidence.
maybe not.
but unless crawford has some strange 6th sense
that after he goes to bed all kinds of fun things start happening,
then the change in formula has resulted in a
change in sleep routine.
the new thing is when he would normally 
be going down for the night, 
that has now become his 'pre-sleep.'
he now likes to cat nap for 45min to an hour
then get up and be held, HELD, 
not just awake and glad to be around us, no.
he wants human contact
for about a 30-60 minute session.
but, as much as it sounds like i am griping,
i am not.
just noting a noteworthy, to us, change in
the routine of our 6 month old.
because in a few weeks when he changes
it to a different time of day,
i won't even remember this.
and while i would love to go to sleep with my kitchen spotless
and all of the clothes folded and put away,
if i get side-tracked because i cuddled the little lump,
i hope i always remember how wonderful it is!!!

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