Tuesday, December 25, 2012

merry christmas!

we wish you a merry christmas!
the actual card did go out without the watermark ;)
but it was 2-up for printing purposes
so the watermarked one is the only one that would work.

we are truly blessed.
i am tired.
it is late.
but i have found if i don't 
'real time' blog it...
it is hard to catch up!

so mostly a picture recap

winston arrived at the beginning of december
 and brought along his new friend wink
 we went with friends to the christmas parade

 we enjoyed breakfast with santa at the zone
and made reindeer food and wrote our christmas list
 sweetest brother turned 6 months old!!!
 decided on a wrapping color scheme for the season
 our elves brought stockings for the whole crew!
 and landed in silly places
 we started off christmas in memphis at mimi janies and didi frank's
 and played with new sets of lincoln logs...
talk about memories!
 cousin fun was the best!
loved getting more duplos to grow our collection!
 daddy brought back some delicious cookies 
from some of his travels to leave for ol' st nick...
and they were delicious!
i asked giles which one he wanted to try:
double chocoloate,
peanut butter chocolate,
chocolate peppermint,
or ginger.
he replied, "ginger."
well, of course he did. hahaha! 
i tried one and while i have a fondness for chocolate
that goes wayyyy back,
i thought the ginger was very unique and definitely delish!
 sprinkling reindeer food...
 i had to sneak in for a little post-santa shot...
 giles watches hours of marble runs on you tube
so it was a no-brainer for santa to leave
him this nice wooden set, an upgrade from his well-loved
plastic one from last year!
santa just knew little brother would love some jumpy fun 
and he was right! he's enjoyed all the bells, whistles & jumps...
but just don't leave him alone.
he's definitely a most social baby!

i definitely believe i was the most excited about christmas as ever!
today was perfect. we attended a beautiful children's mass at church 
after visiting with tuscaloosa family last night.
so today was just a lazy day- which was great because
it rained all. day. long.
mike set up and played 
marble runs,
as well as manned the house so i could take a 2 hour nap!

we just did a little something for each other...
i got my pizza cutter!
i think i threw my much-beloved one away with a pizza box :(

and mikey got this cool little gadget...
 its called a POP phone
it is just a handset you attach to your cell phone
so retro, right?
but i think it will really be neat and functional too! 
we'll see...
it was only $12.99 on amazon :)

merry christmas to each of you!!! 

i am so entirely grateful that my savior was born on this day.
i am challenged to make sure giles understands how much this day
is soooo really not about presents and santa
but it is so hard to feel it is really sinking in.
however, in bed this morning, after giles saw what santa brought
but only briefly as he was heading to our room to get us, 
he said, 'no computers or iphone or ipads today!
today it is allll about jesus and his birth!'
i loved hearing that!
at least his heart started in the right place...
about 10 minutes later we were knee deep in everything
that had nothing to do with jesus,
but... that's ok. we did get to enjoy some nice conversation
before we got too sidetracked with presents.
and we ended the day reading
the storybook of the birth of jesus.

thank you jesus, for coming to earth,
to set us free and save us.

merry christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

i want

to win this camera!
and the kitchen aid stand mixer!
and, heck, the mini ipad too!

but for me to win,
i should share with you!

{a 'real' entry is coming soon ;)}