Thursday, October 25, 2012


it has obviously gotten away from me...
i went and cutied up my blog
and then have not blogged!
and tonight is really no exception.
i am far too tired to make much of a post.
i have so many things to catch up on,
especially with all that crawford is doing these days.
it'll come.

for now i will put up a few pictures,
and call it a post.
and these are in no particular order!
just all from this month :)

 my adorable giles...
i love this shirt so much i bought it again this year.
and last years still fits!
the one from last year was not hanging
with all of the other long sleeve tees.

 so sweet to see how crawford
lights up when he sees giles...

 just hanging out,
little and big

 boo to you!!!

 for some reason this picture rotated...
it may be hard to tell, 
but daddy made gilesy a pumpkin shaped pancake!

 not the best of luck
baking this pumpkin cake...
definitely not all it's cracked up to be.

 a moment of thought?...

he came up with this on his own
and it cracked me up!
he's playing mechanic...
with his plasma car.

 this is the end of an era for giles.
no more smocked peter pan collared shirts.
i held out as long as i could.
he never once complained.
God love that child!
i only hope to get crawford to wear it half as long!!!

 surely that baby will never tell his mama, 'no'

one of many firsts...
first time to roll over.


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