Monday, September 17, 2012

no memory.

i hate it when this happens. 
i woke up this morning and had a 'great' topic
i wanted to blog about.

can't remember for the life of me what it was 

so i will improvise.

first, i will start with a little happy 1/4 year birthday!

 this little fella turned 3 months on saturday...
it is going by way too fast!

he is already starting to teethe...
made most noticeable by the ramming of both fists in his mouth
and lots of drooling!

he is going to earn the nickname 'bucky' pretty soon!
he has started bucking in what i believe is an effort to roll over
which makes me sad!
i keep trying to tell him, 
once you roll, there's no going back! 
he doesn't seem phased.

 thus starts the inability to take a cute picture of the boys
together with both of them truly smiling and actually looking at me at the same time!

 here is a little more evidence of the bucking trend.
he scoots and bucks all over the boppy now...
i know it will be a sad day when we retire this favorite!

here is a little handiwork...
i took a pair of giles' red gingham pants he had torn
and cut a "c" out and put it on a onesie for crawford.
it's rough, but, hey! it's art!

 and i crafted this little travel wipes case
from leftover fabric from the curtains

i am kind of all over the map today with info, 
but i guess that is what happens when you 
lose your ability to remember anything!

 crawford was seriously entralled with
the big screen tv, so much so he couldn't be bothered 
with smiling with his mimi for the camera! 

we were belatedly celebrating cousin lauren's birthday
she's a beautiful girl with a heart of gold!
see all that gorgeous hair?
she's growing it to donate to locks of love :)

giles is having a great school year!
he is loving working with numbers,
adding and subtracting all kinds of things.
he has made huge strides writing his name neatly
and remembering to use a capital G with lowercase i-l-e-s.
he knows many site words
and loves to practice them from his word ring. 

well, the bell has rung...otherwise known as crawford 
crying to wake up from his nap!
just in time to go get brother...

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