Monday, September 17, 2012

A-HA moment...

it happened.
i remembered.
and when i saw it, i said,
and then became slightly embarrassed
that i made any kind of deal about what i forgot
i wanted to blog about earlier.

these days, it's the little things.
or, in this case, the BIG!

as in real vanilla flavoring.
that is what all the fuss was over.

i didn't know, so i can't assume you know either!
vanilla is one heck of a deal at sams!

i got a 16oz VAT of vanilla for about $7
normally i get a 2oz size for about $3-4.

say what?
i read on a blog a post about things that really are a good deal at sams.
vanilla was on the list.
i just ran out of vanilla.
it was on my shopping list.
therefore, i now own my very own lifetime supply of vanilla :)
i kid.
it won't last all that long.
i go through it faster than a lot of things around here
and with the holidays less than 100 days away...
well, i am prepared :)

and probably my most favorite part of all
is that WHEN i do finish this bottle,
it makes a GREAT homemade salad dressing bottle!

perfect for my greek or balsamic vinaigrette
or my very favorite mustardy mexican dressing! 

go, me!
i remembered what i forgot,
shared with you,
and made the world a happier place by telling you all!
only kidding...
but i am glad i remembered.
it's like getting to sneeze.
it is frustrating when it was "just right there"
and then it goes away...
but when it comes back, 
it was like it was so much better than
it ever would have been if you hadn't lost it in the first place.

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