Monday, September 17, 2012

A-HA moment...

it happened.
i remembered.
and when i saw it, i said,
and then became slightly embarrassed
that i made any kind of deal about what i forgot
i wanted to blog about earlier.

these days, it's the little things.
or, in this case, the BIG!

as in real vanilla flavoring.
that is what all the fuss was over.

i didn't know, so i can't assume you know either!
vanilla is one heck of a deal at sams!

i got a 16oz VAT of vanilla for about $7
normally i get a 2oz size for about $3-4.

say what?
i read on a blog a post about things that really are a good deal at sams.
vanilla was on the list.
i just ran out of vanilla.
it was on my shopping list.
therefore, i now own my very own lifetime supply of vanilla :)
i kid.
it won't last all that long.
i go through it faster than a lot of things around here
and with the holidays less than 100 days away...
well, i am prepared :)

and probably my most favorite part of all
is that WHEN i do finish this bottle,
it makes a GREAT homemade salad dressing bottle!

perfect for my greek or balsamic vinaigrette
or my very favorite mustardy mexican dressing! 

go, me!
i remembered what i forgot,
shared with you,
and made the world a happier place by telling you all!
only kidding...
but i am glad i remembered.
it's like getting to sneeze.
it is frustrating when it was "just right there"
and then it goes away...
but when it comes back, 
it was like it was so much better than
it ever would have been if you hadn't lost it in the first place.

no memory.

i hate it when this happens. 
i woke up this morning and had a 'great' topic
i wanted to blog about.

can't remember for the life of me what it was 

so i will improvise.

first, i will start with a little happy 1/4 year birthday!

 this little fella turned 3 months on saturday...
it is going by way too fast!

he is already starting to teethe...
made most noticeable by the ramming of both fists in his mouth
and lots of drooling!

he is going to earn the nickname 'bucky' pretty soon!
he has started bucking in what i believe is an effort to roll over
which makes me sad!
i keep trying to tell him, 
once you roll, there's no going back! 
he doesn't seem phased.

 thus starts the inability to take a cute picture of the boys
together with both of them truly smiling and actually looking at me at the same time!

 here is a little more evidence of the bucking trend.
he scoots and bucks all over the boppy now...
i know it will be a sad day when we retire this favorite!

here is a little handiwork...
i took a pair of giles' red gingham pants he had torn
and cut a "c" out and put it on a onesie for crawford.
it's rough, but, hey! it's art!

 and i crafted this little travel wipes case
from leftover fabric from the curtains

i am kind of all over the map today with info, 
but i guess that is what happens when you 
lose your ability to remember anything!

 crawford was seriously entralled with
the big screen tv, so much so he couldn't be bothered 
with smiling with his mimi for the camera! 

we were belatedly celebrating cousin lauren's birthday
she's a beautiful girl with a heart of gold!
see all that gorgeous hair?
she's growing it to donate to locks of love :)

giles is having a great school year!
he is loving working with numbers,
adding and subtracting all kinds of things.
he has made huge strides writing his name neatly
and remembering to use a capital G with lowercase i-l-e-s.
he knows many site words
and loves to practice them from his word ring. 

well, the bell has rung...otherwise known as crawford 
crying to wake up from his nap!
just in time to go get brother...

Sunday, September 9, 2012


how about just a random catch up?
we had so many fun visitors
to come and see crawford
and i have been meaning to put some of the pictures here... 

 here is the wonderful Mrs Cindy!
she is one of my dear friends 
and was also giles' 4k preschool teacher...
she is one of those friends you can call on always!!!
{except when she goes and moves to kentucky over the summer...}
we miss mrs cindy terribly!
 and of course auntie extraordinaire,
my sister, helen anne...
this was her meeting crawford for the first time...
and here she is meeting giles for the first time...

what a great comparison of hair!
i have never, ever seen a baby with hair like giles'
it was so unique!
 and cousin anna jane...
she is the baby whisperer...
and she left me in a real pickle
seeing as she held crawford continously for hours...
once she was gone {back to memphis} and reality hit,
both crawford and i were some sad puppies.

 the southern belles came for a visit :)
sandra, all the way from north carolina {originally from tuscaloosa}
and her sweet mama...
sandra and mike were friends in high school
and reconnected because of facebook several years ago...
sandra and barry have a daughter named elizabeth,
she and giles are besties 
and love to play
sadly, elizabeth was sick this visit and giles was in memphis....
lots of catching up to do next time :)

here is a most precious friend of mine
mrs rachel...
she has two adorable kiddos,
one of which was in school with giles last year...
we met randomly at another friend's child's party
and found out we both had boys starting
the same preschool the following fall... when we get to do a little catching up & the kids get to play!

sweet jeanne...
she brought dinner to feed an army
and it was all delicious!
MOMs group friend and most kind and humble heart ever!
we love mrs jeanne!

otherwise known as 
fairy god mother...
 click here and see, he asked her himself {with a little help from mama...}
{giles just saw this picture on my computer
 and said, 'i like that picture, i love that picture of jenny!'}
here is sweet weezie...
louise is jenny's oldest daughter.
giles is a big fan of louise!
he thought she came to stay with us 
just to play with him!
she was big fun for him :)

isn't she just adorably cute?
i love my bestie :)

sweet sarah came to visit
bearing gifts for not only crawford,
but giles too!
{clearly he didn't plan his outfit or hair for her visit...
mismatched pjs and hair with a serious party going on!!!}
she treated him to a personal story time
with the precious hardback book she brought him

it was adorable,
and she was soooo patient
with all of his many interruptions and questions!

we had other sweet and equally
special and loved visitors
that i just did not get pictures of!

everyone has been so kind and generous!
mike and i have never eaten so well!!!
we had greek, italian, bbq, breakfast...
you name it, someone brought it!
i have always loved making/taking meals
to new mamas...
in this case, payback was supreme!

we have officially worn out the boppy seat...

it's the one tried and true,
we can always count on...
but we've finally burned out the vibration feature, as well as the sound...
hopefully we can get a little more mileage out of it
before crawford is too long to use it,
which won't be long.
i distinctly remember coming to
the realization that giles had grown too long for boppy...
it was his favorite seat too....

unfortunately tummy time is a bust...
but we're still working on it......
it never seems like a good time
because we've either just eaten
{it's NEVER a good idea to follow a bottle with tummy time!},
or he's content hanging out
in the boppy,
or, his favorite, in someone's arms!,
or it's time to sleep...
but we will persevere..................

we get the biggest kick out of thinking back to giles' days at this age.
often i am sure my memory plays tricks on me.
and, clearly God knows what he's doing
in the 'mommy memory' department,
or lack thereof is more accurate.
{otherwise we just might not spring for a #2...}
in comparison of some things about the boys...
crawford and giles favor in looks some
giles had blonde, brown and red on his mop,
crawford is more brownish with hints of blonde to come.
both have gorgeous blue eyes...
giles has a kabillion thick eyelashes
 and crawford's eyelashes are only about a mile long...
i loved giles in yellow
i love crawford in green and blue
giles was a little bit more 'fix it and forget it' ;)
or so i think i remember
with crawford, you need to get things a little more
'just right' before you take off and leave him in a boppy...
giles loved being held a lot,
crawford likes being held an extraordinary amount!
the nursery is about the same for both...
different window treatments would be about the biggest change...



so... that's a little update for you...
trying to catch up a little at a time :)