Monday, August 20, 2012

open house n' such...

giles met his sweet teachers today
at kiddie kollege open house

here is mrs sarah

and here is mrs williams

we had a fun scavenger hunt to take us all around the room
starting at the front door!

then we made our way to the 'name' door...

  and to the snack table...

 and to meet the classroom mascot, snoopy, himself!

we helped our teachers by putting away our supplies

and got to wear the birthday crown for a minute or two!

it was a great day... giles has a room full of sweet friends
with sweet families... he is so excited about the new year
and seeing his friends, old and new!

so tomorrow we 'go back to school' 
for the last time at kiddie kollege...
here is to a great year gilesy!

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