Monday, August 20, 2012

open house n' such...

giles met his sweet teachers today
at kiddie kollege open house

here is mrs sarah

and here is mrs williams

we had a fun scavenger hunt to take us all around the room
starting at the front door!

then we made our way to the 'name' door...

  and to the snack table...

 and to meet the classroom mascot, snoopy, himself!

we helped our teachers by putting away our supplies

and got to wear the birthday crown for a minute or two!

it was a great day... giles has a room full of sweet friends
with sweet families... he is so excited about the new year
and seeing his friends, old and new!

so tomorrow we 'go back to school' 
for the last time at kiddie kollege...
here is to a great year gilesy!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


that is the response i got to dinner...
two nights in a row!
and it was the SAME THING!
and it was one dish.
i mean, come on... am i dreaming???
oh, and it cooked in essentially one dish,
the crock pot!
{there is a roux -please do not let that scare you- to make at the end...
i was on the phone with my bff when i was making my roux
and completely messed it all up
and i was able to 'fix it'
and it was STILL delicious! 
that is sayin' somethin' about this recipe!}

and this is sayin' that it was 

here is the recipe...

{original recipe}
Recipe slow cooker creamy chicken and wild rice soup


4 cups chicken broth
2 cups water
2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1 package of Rice-a-Roni long grain and wild rice
1/2 tsp salt (plus more to taste)
1/2 tsp pepper
3/4 cup all purpose flour
1/2 cup butter
2 cups half and half (I used fat-free half and half)
1 cup grated carrots (I diced mine)
1 cup diced celery


Combine broth, water, carrots, celery, chicken and rice (along with seasoning packet) in a large slow cooker. Cook on low for 6-8 hours or on high for 4 hours. Take out chicken and shred with two forks and then add back into slow cooker. In a small bowl combine salt, pepper, and flour. In medium saucepan over medium heat, melt butter. Stir in flour mixture by tablespoon to form a roux. Whisk in cream, a little at a time, until fully incorporated and smooth. Stir cream mixture into slow cooker and then let cook on low for 15 more minutes.

 some things i did differently...

added a chicken bullion cube to the 2c water,
next time if i have 6c chicken broth, i will just use the broth

used 1/2 STICK butter, so 1/4c

i had about 1/2c half and half {regular strength} and 
added approximately 1c skim milk and a nice size dollop
of regular sour cream to the roux...
it was a little wonky but it was all i had and 
since i reduced the amount of butter but not the 
amount of flour AND i was on the phone with my bff,
i just sort of had to act fast and keep things moving...
so i added more sour cream because it was handy!

i added the leafy part of the celery and added a little more than 1c

i added a diced onion to the mix too!

this is a rich {but not too rich} extremely delightful soup...
it would make a fabulous dish to take to a friend
as a surprise dinner, to a new mama, a sick friend, etc...
giles isn't a *huge* fan of soups and casseroles,
he eats them but i think tends to prefer foods a little
more separate maybe? he's usually good for the first, original 
night, but leftovers can sometimes be rebuffed...
as i said, he said this was delicious and ate every bite!
so.... make some!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012


my sweet boy!!!

 daddy holding, to introduce,
June 15th, 2012
born at 10:10am
9# 6oz
{his big brother was 9# 7oz... talk about consistency!}

crawford is in honor of my daddy and matthew is in honor of mike's daddy
mike's daddy is so funny, he says "i'll just call him matthew"
{he goes by crawford :)}

 here is our little bruiser all ready to go home!
complete with his own set of baby elephant ears!

 all snuggly buggly hanging out in the hospital
{i do realize that the hanging out picture is after
the getting ready to go home picture...
there are some details that are just not that important!
order of pictures, not important,
getting this post done, now THAT is important :)}

 mommy swooning over the preciousness that is my baby!

sweetest dr ingram...
love this woman!
she is dr extraordinnaire
we have enjoyed having her as a part 
of our most special occasions twice now...
we owe her big time... and we owe her big time!

so crawford nailed the delivery.
he was textbook.
i appreciate that. i really do! {smile}

giles had the fabulous opportunity to stay in memphis
for two weeks prior to crawford's arrival.
the thursday before crawford was to be induced
mama and daddy brought giles home and stayed the night.
on friday mike and i woke up bright and early,
well... more like dark and early... i do think it was 3am.
we had to be at st vincent's by 5am to start the induction

crawford was right at 40 weeks
and really wasn't planning on making an 
appearance until much later, i am afraid.
i was comfortable with inducing.
having an hours drive makes any
possible planning appreciated, for sure.

i had all kinds of scenarios of how this experience would go
i had hopes of how it would go
and boy, did i get lucky!
dr ingram, both times, has prepped me 
for the fact that one of her partners
would be to see me and get the ball rolling
before they ended their shift and she began hers.
that was a part i dreaded. 
i love dr ingram, she knows me,
we have a rhythm, mike knows her,
i just had/have a strong preference for 
not having to make small talk with a 'new' doctor
on the day i am to give birth...
so, ... you really needed to know all that, right?
well, this is a 'diary' of some deets are more for me :)
anywho! allllll that to say, both times i have 
been very blessed that dr ingram has showed up early
and i haven't had to have my 'birth day' 
start with a stranger!
then i thought back to my delivery day with giles.
an extreme amount of pain and discomfort 
towards the end of what felt like a very long day...
with giles we got started early, too,
but he didn't arrive until almost 5pm!
 with that memory, i couldn't help but wish
a few things might turn out differently.
less pain, shorter day
one out of two ain't bad!
my sweet boy, while there was hardly
a shortage of discomfort and pain, 
managed to arrive in the mid-morning!
i prayed to have an extra 'day' on this earth
with my sweet baby, and i got it!
i just hoped and prayed he wouldn't 
take too long to make his grand entrance and he didn't!
when dr ingram was leaving after checking on me, 
maybe around 9am, i asked ...
'what's the eta, dr ingram???'
she replied, 'lunch, maybe 2???'
so, close to lunch, or maybe closer to 2pm...
well... that was 'better'... but i was hoping for 'even better!'
much to both of our surprise,
we saw her back a little before 10am.
i was so dang glad to see her...
the relief that comes when the nurses
collaborate and decide to make 'the call'
...well, it's the saving grace as far as i am concerned.
i love that decision!
and her coming through that door?
well, she's the most welcomed guest
i have ever seen!!! 

mama and daddy had on their agenda
for delivery day
to get giles to ms cindy's house
{his preschool teacher and our very, very dear friend}
and then head on to birmingham early in the day.
they weren't even to the hospital yet
when crawford made his most precious arrival!
they had a good 2hr wait to see us 
after giles' was born, so this was a treat!
they got there just in time to be welcomed in
to meet the sweet boy.
 {the first time they ever saw their precious crawford}

timing on june 15th was perfect in every single way.
i loved that day.

we got to hang out all day and visit
and love on a precious boy and 
i got to recuperate and get my energy up
for another group of special company...
some of mike's family came to visit,
and they bought big brother!!!
aww.......... it was SUPER sweet 
to see my boy meet his brother.
i had real mixed emotions about 
having giles make the trip to st vincents, or not???
there were pros and cons to all of my thoughts.
i am so glad he was able to see me
in the hospital,
after all, "St Vincent's, it's where babies come from!"
--- won't have to say much more that that 
for 'the talk' now will i? ha ha ha!
{for those not from here,
st vincent's has a commercial with lots of cute
babies and that is the tag line}
anyway, it was great to seeing him meet crawford 
for the first time...

i love the down time that being 
in the hospital brings...
there will be plenty of time for visitors
and we've had many and enjoyed each one!
but it is so special, to me, to share
the births of our children with some of 
our immediate family

mike's mom, brother chris and his girlfriend skye
brought giles up friday evening.
he had such a ball being taken care of by them
and getting the special treat of coming to birmingham 
to meet 'brudder'
and not only did he get to hang out for a good while
in the room with us,
he got to go out to eat in birmingham before
heading back to have a sleepover at skye and chris' house!
this was a fun deal for him all the way around!
he doesn't mind getting special treatment, at all- lol...

so, we took
 and left
 and drove back to
 and woke up
and got life with crawford started in tuscaloosa!!!

thanks for sharing in this story
that makes us one very blessed family...

PS... and since this has seriously taken me TWO MONTHS
to get done, here is a picture of the cutie patootie yesterday...