Saturday, July 21, 2012

striving for perfection...

will keep your blog blank.
i have been waiting for the PERFECT moments to blog
hoping for the PERFECT pictures to share...
as a result, 
my sweet boy arrived and FIVE WEEKS later?
it's ridiculous...
but also, it's life.
few things happen these days as fast as i would like,
but i am ok with that, most of the time...

just so i can get my feet wet again, 
this will be short and sweet 
and the introduction of one sweet
Crawford Matthew
 will come very soon!

but for now,
it's allllll about the 5 year old!

giles turned 5 yesterday, friday july 20th

we had a 5 week old birthday and a 5 year old birthday,
special day for sure!

we took giles and crawford to birmingham to celebrate
Chuck E Cheesey  Chuck E Cheese style

where it's alllllllll about the tickets. gotta earn tickets.

so, this month we've celebrated our boys well...
mikey even snuck in a birthday on thursday!
and sweetly didn't mind a bit being a little overshadowed
by all the excitement of everything else going on...

be back soon with a crawford recap!!!

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