Friday, June 8, 2012


i bet that is what gilesy said on sunday..
he took a little tumble and ended up in a fight with a wrought iron gate.
so, i had to miss his first 'incident'
god's most perfect plan at work, i am sure...
i couldn't even talk to him on the phone at first because i was so unsure of my voice.
but we all got through it.
three staples and a subdued vacation
with his grandparents and cousins later,
everything is a-ok.
giles is a mega-trooper... not that he shouldn't cry,
because he definitely does,
but when it comes to shots and trauma, he's calm & a model patient.
and that is a big blessing!
my family has nursed him back to health
and hopefully some good lessons were learned
and prayerfully i hope we haven't jumped on any kind of
bandwagon for adventure that ends up with needs of emergency care
again any time soon...
i keep hearing that this is just the first of many...

so time without many obligations has been SUPAH nice!!!
i am quite spoiled.
but OH so appreciative...
giles is being taken care of as if he were here with us
as far as routines, meals and play
{probably better!}
and he's the center of attention.

here we've been getting things done...
i wish i had a magic wand...
if for nothing else than to pick things up off the floor for me!
that one task can have me needing a nap if
i am not careful!
we've got a lot of 'stuff' and deeeep desire for lots less of it...
especially when you experience how stifling it is
when you try to make progress.
you definitely cannot organize junk.

in one week we will get to have baby, second act :)
we are so fortunate. i know this and try never to forget how many
would give much, if not everything, to be in our situation...
not perfect, by any means, but blessed.
to know that giles will have a sibling in this crazy world
is a source of comfort for me.
i cannot wait to watch that relationship unfold.

here's to one more week!
cheers :)

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