Wednesday, June 13, 2012

oh my gosh. oh my gosh. oh my gosh!!!

my life is soooooooooooooooooo 
about to change!!!
 all week long i have filled my brain with 'lasts'
this is the 'last Monday' i will wake up as a mom of ONE
this is the 'last Tuesday' i will go to sleep as a mom of ONE
this time 'next Wednesday' i will be referring to 'the boys' 
in one way or another...
holy moly!
nine months and it STILL feels like
 my stomach is back at the start of the roller coaster
{you do get that, right??? maybe not best 
analogy given the current state of my stomach???}
i am so DARN EXCITED i can hardly stand it!!!

yesterday was our last weekly, 
or prenatal for any reason for this go 'round, doctor visit
mikey went with me
dr ingram is very happy with how i am progressing 
and only demanded that i do nothing different until friday morning
when she induces babyb2...

this is exactly how it went with giles... i was induced on a friday.
i skipped the option to be induced earlier in the week on a tuesday.
i like to know my babies have baked as long as possible.
there {ok, crossing fingers since there are about 48hrs left} have 
been no real hiccups and things look on track to be similar 
in experience to giles' delivery...
sans the intense, excruciating. debilitating, 
make you never want to even THINK about having 
another child, kind of back pain...
so i am feeling very grateful and blessed.

probably one of the most pleasant parts of this pregnancy
has been how my relationship with my hubby has been...
he annoys the shittake mushroom out of me from time to time,
but to his credit, he lets me tell him about it! ha! ha! ha!
and i DO!!!
but mostly all i can say i will possibly remember about him
from this pregnancy are all of the kind things he's said about my stamina
{especially given i pooped out on regular exercise, MUCH to his dismay, 
about a year and half ago.... BIG MISTAKE- soon to be rectified with
mikey boot camp, post baby}, how many times he's talked about what a good 
mom i already am and how i could have taken on 5 or 6 kids 
{maybe HE has pregnancy brain???},
the meals he's prepared after looooooong days, 
the times he's rolled out of bed
to help me with whatever ails me at the moment- at ungodly hours, 
... oh i could go on and on {i think i did this recently already???}
but being blessed with a thoughtful {MOST of the time} hubbydaddy
is just the best... i feel so lucky that my boys will be raised by
my hubby who is relentless in his pursuits 
and shows unconditional love like it was the only kind...
not to mention, he's incredibly handsome and all :)))

so room reveal... 
it would seem fitting that that reveal would be the nursery.
but, it's not. 
it is my BIG boy's room!!!
he's in for a surprise when he returns from his visit with my family. 
we moved him out of his room 
and into what used to be a guest/junk/office room...
before he left, he saw us painting the room and loved the color...
i hope he loves it A LOT! ha!ha!
because it is now home-base for him...
 it still needs work, it is coming along...
here is a progress picture or two...
{i am most displeased with my photog skillz...
they lack. and so do my editing skillz...}

 i love his industrial shelving... i hope he does too!

so... nothing has been put on the walls yet.
have no idea where the cork board will end up...
the chest belonged to my great aunt... 
it was possibly a pharmacy cabinet? 
it is OLD!
the drawer pulls are still in the works 
and the paint was still drying, hence the open drawers...
the room is a little smaller, but cozy... 
work still to be done, but a good start...

the nursery, well... i hope to have it in better shape after today...
but, surprisingly, it is not stressing me and so it may just get 
finished in the coming weeks... 
i am not letting that bundle out of my sight to be in his nursery
for awhile anyway, so there's no rush... 

i have been pouring over pictures of giles 
from his first days to first year...
talk about BABY FEVER! 
it's bad... 
i am *beyond* excited to meet baby...
and ready for those precious moments in the hospital
with just mike and the baby...
keeping the crazy hours while getting used to round the clock feedings...
getting reacquainted with all the poopy and tee tee diaper charting...
wondering, is this a hungry cry? a 'love me' cry? a tired cry?
a 'what the heck have i just been thru 
and where is my cocoon i lived in for 9 months' cry?
i can't wait to decipher each one...
and perfect my swaddle...
and fetch a paci...
and send pictures off to loved ones near and far....
and share 'the name'

{i bleeped the name, there really isn't a black blob 
in the middle of the door hanging
and i wonder... which of my family and friends
will be really analyzing the length of the blacked out blob
for hints of the name...
{helen anne? anna jane? cagney? i mean, jenny?- lol...}

anyway, that is the goings at #13... 
as my bff says, we're at RE, waiting on ADY...
so, baby, we're ready!!!

Friday, June 8, 2012


i bet that is what gilesy said on sunday..
he took a little tumble and ended up in a fight with a wrought iron gate.
so, i had to miss his first 'incident'
god's most perfect plan at work, i am sure...
i couldn't even talk to him on the phone at first because i was so unsure of my voice.
but we all got through it.
three staples and a subdued vacation
with his grandparents and cousins later,
everything is a-ok.
giles is a mega-trooper... not that he shouldn't cry,
because he definitely does,
but when it comes to shots and trauma, he's calm & a model patient.
and that is a big blessing!
my family has nursed him back to health
and hopefully some good lessons were learned
and prayerfully i hope we haven't jumped on any kind of
bandwagon for adventure that ends up with needs of emergency care
again any time soon...
i keep hearing that this is just the first of many...

so time without many obligations has been SUPAH nice!!!
i am quite spoiled.
but OH so appreciative...
giles is being taken care of as if he were here with us
as far as routines, meals and play
{probably better!}
and he's the center of attention.

here we've been getting things done...
i wish i had a magic wand...
if for nothing else than to pick things up off the floor for me!
that one task can have me needing a nap if
i am not careful!
we've got a lot of 'stuff' and deeeep desire for lots less of it...
especially when you experience how stifling it is
when you try to make progress.
you definitely cannot organize junk.

in one week we will get to have baby, second act :)
we are so fortunate. i know this and try never to forget how many
would give much, if not everything, to be in our situation...
not perfect, by any means, but blessed.
to know that giles will have a sibling in this crazy world
is a source of comfort for me.
i cannot wait to watch that relationship unfold.

here's to one more week!
cheers :)