Friday, May 4, 2012


well, at least partially sidelined.
it seems as though babyB2 wanted to be a little dramatic!

on wednesday, i was definitely experiencing a good case of braxton hicks.
or, so i thought.
it's become a pretty regular occurrence to have braxton hicks.
so i wasn't really alarmed, 
but i was in a good bit more discomfort from them.
and they just kept on all day. 
definitely, like braxton hicks usually are for me, 
the later in the day,
the worse they got.
which could just be because i am more tired? 
i am not sure.

but, wednesday, it was definitely a little different.
like i said, most all of the day i was experiencing contractions.
mike was going to do some freelance work out of town
{only 30 min away}
but before he left, he double checked, was it ok for him to go?
i waved him off, literally, and was like, 'of course!'
i don't care to be a difficult preggy girl
{although at times, i am sure he'd beg to differ}
so, even though i would MUCH rather have him here
with me,
it seemed fine to 'wave him off' and tell him to go, 
with no worries!
so towards the end of my day, 
which included dinner & bath for giles,
we concluded the day by reading some new library books
{my boy is starting to READ!!! so exciting!!!}
and by the end of those {long...} dr seuss books,
i was one tired and hurtin' mama!

i logged on to facebook and was chatting with some mom friends
mentioning my disdain for braxton hicks...
they were super supportive, as usual...
there to listen, encourage, commiserate and advise.
one piece of advice was, 'be careful, i thought i had 
braxton hicks with one of mine and it turned out to be pre-term labor'
heard that term but never really checked into or knew what it was...
google, i love you.
with google and the march of dimes, i learned.
and then i called my sister.
we decided i should time my contractions and lie down for awhile.
then after working through thoughts about how i was feeling,
what this meant, etc, etc... 
we decided it was a good idea to at least check in with my doctor.
so, i call.
it took 10 minutes for the answering service to pick up!
then they take down all my info and tell me the dr on call will be calling.
but, instead, the answering service calls me back stating,
'the on call nurse said because you are 34 weeks, you need to go to the ER'
NOT what this preggy was willing to hear.
so, that sweet little gal got AN EAR-FULLLLL.
i was a little more than perturbed that the doctor wasn't called
and that, in turn, i wasn't called.
AND i was told to 'go to the ER'??????????????????????????????
sorry, sweet deliverer of news i did not want to hear,
you got a little of my wrath... but, i did end the call letting her know
that i knew she was just the messenger.
but also, that i would kindly be expecting another call in the near future.
well, i did get a call. from the nurse.
and just so you know, it went well. for the most part.
i told her the message that i was given and she assured me
that being told to just go to the ER was not the message she sent. 
actually, she said that i needed to come to st vincent's...
well, given the circumstances: mike was out of town, it was 11pm, 
my child was asleep, my car was scheduled for repairs the next day and 
was not highway driveable, NOR filled with gas, and i had not showered...
AND the fact that it has loooong been my understanding 
from my favorite ob/gyn practice that
if you have a question, at any time, for any reason, you just call
and you will be put in touch with someone right away
and i was not treated that way...
i was still a little miffed that i wasn't personally called.
i had questions for pete's sake!!!
anywho... long story loooong...
it was definitely in the best interest of babyB2 to head on in and get checked out
so... i made the dreaded and tearful call to mike
that despite the sweet work situation he had and 
the fact he'd only been there 2 of the 6-8hrs he was planning on being there,
it was time to come home...
he took it well enough and broke the news to his people and
headed home in the pouring rain not knowing what we were really dealing with
-other than a blubbering wife. an aside... as IF we needed any more drama for the evening... 
mike's coming home down the interstate and the car ahead of him {a good ways} 
starts losing control.
he sees the lights on the car going side to side and then watches
helplessly as the guy crashes into the 
concrete barrier down the middle of the road.
so, in true mikey fashion, he pulls over to help get the guy, who is now
parallel in the road {as in, oncoming traffic wouldn't be able to see him
until it was possibly too late} out of the road to avoid further disaster 
{after calling 911, of course}
so, he assesses that the guy is going to make it, knows help is on the way,
gets the guy out of imminent danger and gets back in his car, 
out of the pouring down rain,
to come home to wifey in possible labor.
amen, what a day.
so, we gather 'stuff'
pluck giles from dead sleep.
deliver him to his preschool teacher
at midnight
and head to the hospital...

where i was triaged ON A GURNEY
{read: NOT A BED} 
for 7 hours
i was a royal pain in the arse.
because they had to monitor baby's heartbeat, i had the pleasure
of lying in whatever position they could manage to actually hear his heart
which turned out to be FLAT on my back
with a rolled up towel wedged under my back on the left side.
um, can we say, 'not a fan' of this position???
i can. and did! in various manners for the duration of the 7 hours.
it was just no fun at all. then i got a shot to stop the contractions
once they'd monitored them for awhile.
it was called brethine.
our sweet nurse, allison, said, 'this may cause your heart to race'
um... yup. that was ONE thing it did.
it made me jumpy, like literally, my foot would just jump
and i was twitchy and allllll kinds of uncomfortable...
and sweet allison said she was allowed to give me up to 3 shots
of this lovely medicine...
no, thank you, allison!
with the help of a benedryl, i made it through the next hour
while my body digested that insanity...
and fortunately, the contractions drastically reduced in
severity and regularity
after a few violations i would like to NEVER experience again,
the conclusion was made that i was 2cm dilated but that 
baby was hanging in there high 
{based on how lovely the exam was,
i would estimate him to be hanging particularly close to my TONSILS}
and that we were not going to be dealing with delivering a baby
in the extreme near future. amen.
one doctor was scheduled to see me between 6-7am.
she came in and deemed me to stay for 'several hours'
because there was a discrepancy between her brutal exam 
and sweet allison's initial exam that made her question my progress...
can we say, TEARS were shed??? 
well, they were. all i wanted was to go home.
or merely remove myself from the pleather covered board
they were calling a bed in the triage unit... and go ANYWHERE.
but then i was saved by another doctor who 
visited and violated me slightly less 
to determine that we were in a good place
and all was fine.
i left with an 'as needed' rx of procardia should i have any more 
ongoing bouts of contractions and the orders to reduce activity.
so, fortunately, no ongoing meds and no required bedrest...
mercy. what a night.

if you've hung with me this long, keep us in your prayers.
we want a 'well-done' baby and that means he needs to cook
for at least another 4-6 weeks since i am just now 34 weeks...

despite the drama of this event, and actually, the seriousness of it as well,
it was great to have a dry run in getting to the hospital.
we found out some strengths and weaknesses,
which is a good thing... it's lighting a fire under our tired tushies 
to get a few things that we need done, done.

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BlessedMom said...

We're dealing with the same thing. I spent Saturday morning and Monday morning at the hospital being watched for contractions. Now we're sitting on bedrest!

God is in control! Let Go and Let Him! :)