Thursday, May 10, 2012

lightening fast!!!

this school year has gone by just that fast for us!
it has been our very best year yet...
giles has enjoyed school sooooooooooooo much!
he LOVES his teachers, and i do too!!!!
they have loved on him, nurtured him, encouraged him,
taught him and supported him every step of the way this year.
i hate to have peaked with the 'best teachers ever' in pre-k4
for crying out loud, but gah! we just might have! lol...

today his class celebrated their end of year
with a fun day that ended in a lunch shared with parents...
my preggy brain forgot to even consider bringing my camera.
a friend was kind enough to supply me with a few pictures...
here is giles with all of his friends with summer birthdays!
the teachers kindly contributed a cake to celebrate
those who will not be in school for their special day.
i thought that was super sweet...
 {ford, giles, elliot, tyler and ella kate}

we still have a week left, but i know it will fly too!
and i will be on my own with my little preschooler...
whipped as i have ever been, 
pregnant out to 'there'
and i get to be the sole entertainment
for most hours of the day, for many days in a row!
giles must just be giddy at the thought!

my hope of hopes is that we can get our house baby ready
{and it is woefully far from it}
this last week of school...
then we can have some fun times and 
mom won't be nearly as preoccupied!
maybe i can be a pinterest scholar!
actually go back into all the boards i have made
and find some fun activities and really DO them!
hmm... like maybe...
painting some river rocks...

definitely, we need to try this! i have a million old t's 
i was just thinking of getting rid of! 
of course most all of them have things on the back, 
but we'll figure something out!

super hero cape from old t's!

there are soooo many cute things 
on pinterest that we could try!
but while i looooove crafty stuff,
giles can lose interest quickly, much to my dismay...
so i don't plan elaborate or expensive {as in, things that cost anything!}
activities for him... it just has to be that we have it
and i have the energy to do it!
there is one more little craft idea i have, 
but i am saving it, it's possibly a birthday present...
it's really cute though! i hope i get around to it!!!
the easter bunny brought giles some fabulous watercolors
that i have been dying to give a try,
i bet we'll be doing some painting for sure!

birthday bash is in countdown mode... t-minus 48 hrs...
and giles knows it too!
he's SUPAH! excited! i hope the weather holds out
and we have people show up :)
may has got to be the busiest month of the year,
coming in neck and neck with december...
but, we're ready and are going to HAVE A BALL!!!

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