Friday, May 11, 2012


happy mother's day
to all of the mommies out there,
especially mine!
here are the flowers i would give you if all the stars would align just right ;)

a big bouquet of ranunculus... my favorite!!! 

my mama...
o how much i love you!!!
every girl should have the privilege of feeling 
so completely loved
for every minute of her life! 

i love the times when i can say,
"my mama always says..."
because those are always good words to go by...

i love that you are enjoying your retirement 
and have friends calling you to join them in all kinds of fun adventures

i love that for all the hard work you put in to two very fine establishments
for many, many, many years...
you left them both knowing what an important part you played 
while you were there... you were celebrated! and continue to be!!!

i love that you have gotten to experience 
a lifelong romance with the best of the best!

i love that my son has been loved by you...
and taught by you...
and encouraged by you...

i love that you love my husband as an important part of the family,
and give to him generously in thought, prayer, word and deed...

i love that by your example of faith, i have come to love & depend on mine
so effortlessly and completely {most of the time :)}

i love that you have lived your life so content...
there are too many moments wasted wishing for different...
you have been a beautiful example to me of appreciating what you have,
enjoying what you have, being confident in who you are...
i feel i fall terribly short of following in your footsteps
but your path makes me confident in the direction to go...

i am sure there are more than a million more things 
that i absolutely adore about you, 
but i think i hit some highlights...

i'll never know what i did to deserve the very best,
but i am just going to take it and be very grateful to my god 
for thinking enough of me to give me YOU!!!

and to switch gears only slightly,
my sweet little fella's daddy made sure to make my day
with these precious flowers that i just adore!
what a treat!!!


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