Tuesday, May 8, 2012

good news is GOOD news!!!

so after having a little bit of a scare,
getting good news is GOOD news!!!

saw my dr today, love her! 
she's right down the middle of the road.
she's not too intense or cautious that everything is a big deal, 
but she's not so laid back that you feel like nothing is a big deal.
a perfect mix and just right for me.

today i was wanting to see 
bp down,
iron up, 
an exam with more definitive results
{and MUCH less discomfort},
and to leave with a good idea 
of what to expect- fully aware that that really means nothing :)

bp was down... WAY down,
iron was up.... enough,
exam came with the results that 
i am not really dilated and effacement is maybe in the 50% range,
but not really anything noteworthy...
and just going by how the dr talked, acted 
and the course of action going forward...
i am feeling good about not meeting this cute little bundle until june, 
at least.

i know anything is possible. 
but, the idea of 4 more weeks, possibly 5-6 is good by me!
progress is slow around here as far as getting things done, 
considering it is almost all getting done by mike as he continues to work,
do many, many things to contribute to giles' wants and needs,
my myriad wants and needs, aches and pains,
trying to eat well and exercise,
and maintain his commitments to several things every week....
so, that being said, i'd say we're doing pretty darn good!
i will take slow and steady any day! 
 so! yay mikey.... thank you for your help and support!
i cannot WAIT to see the nursery put together and ready for bebe :)
while we're really not doing much as far as decor goes,
it will be nice to just have a landing place for all things baby
and see 'his' space!

we're gearing up for an early birthday party this weekend.
it will be our first 'friend' party.
we've had a few friends at our previous parties, 
but this time we invited the class and our MOMs group from church.
giles is SUPER pumped!
he's a party happy kid if there ever was one!
{he comes by it naturally :)))}
i hope i remember to take pictures, 
that is something that has been super easy for me to forget lately...

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