Monday, May 14, 2012

a bday in may...

well... we made it through the birthday for giles
with no rain and we had guests!!!
i was really worried we wouldn't have anyone come!
it was a bit nerve-wracking to find 
i had picked a weekend with lots of conflicts...

but, it was well-attended, and while a bit on the cool side,
there was not a drop of rain to fall during the party...
to me, that was a success!!!

giles was tickled to see all of his friends
there to celebrate him and his special day
{albeit about 2 months early... this has proved to be a touch confusing...}
he had school friends, family/church friends there
and everyone seemed to have a nice time.

i wish i had taken MORE pictures, 
but honestly, just getting my camera there and remembering to use it at all?
another success!
it was the very last thing that went on my party planning list,
and it only appeared there about 2 days before the party... 

we set up {ha! who am i kidding, mikey set up...} a table
close to the water fountain and loaded it up with some goodies
we hoped would be good party fare that also 
celebrated our 'have a ball' theme
we were really just going for a plain,
old-fashioned birthday party...
free, outside, simple food, no frills,
full out celebration of another year of a sweet little boy...
i think it worked out that way.

 we had cheese balls, sausage balls, pretzel balls
for our 'have a ball' party fare

i made a sugar cookie cake with icing
instead of a traditional birthday cake or cupcakes...
it's so dense and soft- like a really good sugar cookie.
i want to find an icing that is hearty like this one,
but that does not use any shortening- 
i feel like i can taste it 
and that is not my desire...
the chocolate icing doesn't have shortening in it 
and it is divine! {to me, but i love me some icing...}

i thought it would be so much better if we had some 
sugar cookie already cut, to help with that initial rush of serving 
the party-goers after a good ol' singing of happy birthday...
so i used my french wire tiered stand from willow house
to house some of the pre-cut sugar cookie...
this really turned out to be a big time saver
and i was glad i did it... it allowed for a friend to help me
get more people served faster!
click here to hear my beautiful voice singing giles happy birthday :)

 despite how it may appear, my child was not pursuing
a person in this picture, just one of the waterfalls...

 a little mingling with the moms and dads

 it was cold when the wind blew, so it required a little
forethought before just racing in...

 ella was not sure she was ready to join
in the water festivities just yet, she needed to hang with mom
for a bit to acclimate, but then, she was having a ball

greta and emily from MOMs :)
 with a little help from an online friend,
we came up with these party favor tags
for our gumball party favors!

we definitely Had A Ball!!!

happy birthday, my sweet boy! 
we won't forget your real birthday july 20th,
but your mommy loves you sooooooo much,
i wanted to make sure that nothing got in the way
of celebrating you in a special way :)
your brother will be a super special gift to all of us this summer
and i know you cannot wait to meet him!

this is the last week of school, much to my dismay.
i will not miss the carpool line or making a creative lunch every day...
but i will certainly miss having quiet in the morning hours,
and i know giles will really, really miss his friends and teachers...
although this morning in the car on the way to school
when we were talking about how school was coming to an end,
he was totally pumped for 'family time!!!' he said... 
he must have forgotten the umpteen MILLION times i have yelled at him lately :(
he's good to me like that... forgiving and all... :)

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