Wednesday, May 30, 2012

so, we're set... or are we?

i guess that isn't really for me to know...

but, according the calendar at my drs office,
we're set for friday, june 15th to meet this little one.

i am sooo ready and soooo not!
we have still many things on our to-do list to be done,
but some things are starting to come along.

the room color i picked, which was originally for the nursery, i love...
it is 'sparrow' by behr
this is NOT our room, but it was the inspiration...
and since we've started the painting, it's now going to be giles' new room!

we're keeping the room that giles used as a nursery,
as a nursery for babyB2...
the location in our house is perfect,
we're actually reusing everything from when giles was a baby,
so the colors are already in place
and it just made good sense.
i feel so at peace and pleased with this decision.
when i was creating giles' nursery, i tried to be gender neutral. 
we were having some things custom made
and i knew one day we'd love to have another baby.
not knowing if it would be a boy or girl, 
but knowing our investment, 
i had to tell myself that i would re-use it all.
i don't really think i believed myself.
if you know me at all, this would not surprise you :)
but, surprise! surprise! i *am* reusing it all...
thank goodness it's a boy though, because it would be hard to do
if baby had been a girl... just too much a fan of girlie things...
god knew.

so, once we get everything in place, i will photo and share.
i hope giles is surprised and happy about his new digs.
he's spending an indulgent amount of time with family
while we rest and work and work and rest 
getting ready for bundle #2.
the gift of {hopefully} a 2 week kid-free staycation
is most invaluable... and nothing to take for granted.
{thanks mimi janie and didi frank, as well as all the 
god-parents, cousins, & friends...}

giles finished his 4yr old preschool year in what felt like record time!
here he is on day 1
 and on his last day...
 he's 2 inches taller and one pound heavier
 in his pjs for pajama day... a good way to end the year!

so, i will sign off with how i feel at 37 weeks, 4 days of being preggy with babyB2...
i am ready to not be pregnant,
but cherishing every single kick, hiccup and bump.
i love being pregnant, even though it is NOT easy...
issues with sciatic nerve pain have undone me a time or two 
this go 'round...
i do NOT for one second feel like i could ever do this without mikey...
he has gotten up from a dead sleep to rub my back or hip countless times...
he has moved and carried more than a pack mule...
not to mention all of the times he's been called from one room to another
because i got in bed or sat down and had forgotten something another room...
he's taken care of giles after long days at work so i could rest...
he shuts the bedroom door and entertains giles when my 5 minute rest
turned into a 2 hour nap...
he has done all kinds of errands for me
and called ahead to make sure i didn't need anything before coming home...
he's made many meals and cleaned up after a few too ;)
he's done sooo much to make this pregnancy easier for me...
i know there are women who do pregnancy solo all of the time... 
 i know there are men who are serving our country while their wives
are at home going through pregnancy solo who would give ANYTHING
to just be able to be there for her 
and do these small but meaningful tasks...
i am more than extremely blessed. 
i am so grateful to have a very dedicated partner in this 
and know that every single day is a gift.
thank you mikey for making this fun and enjoyable,
even in the moments where there are challenges and pains...

i cannot wait to welcome giles' little brother into this world...
and talk about 'the boys'
and watch giles with his little brother...
and get to worry about whether his baby book 
is as well-documented as giles' :)
and to see him wear all of the cute things that i saved from giles...
and to see what he does similarly and differently than giles...
and to be amazed at how much sooner he does things
because he'll have to keep up with big brother...
and to see what big brother thinks is soooo helpful, 
that is totally not! lol...
we're ready for the adventure,
which i am so grateful for because,
ready or not.... we're about to be a family of FOUR!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

a bday in may...

well... we made it through the birthday for giles
with no rain and we had guests!!!
i was really worried we wouldn't have anyone come!
it was a bit nerve-wracking to find 
i had picked a weekend with lots of conflicts...

but, it was well-attended, and while a bit on the cool side,
there was not a drop of rain to fall during the party...
to me, that was a success!!!

giles was tickled to see all of his friends
there to celebrate him and his special day
{albeit about 2 months early... this has proved to be a touch confusing...}
he had school friends, family/church friends there
and everyone seemed to have a nice time.

i wish i had taken MORE pictures, 
but honestly, just getting my camera there and remembering to use it at all?
another success!
it was the very last thing that went on my party planning list,
and it only appeared there about 2 days before the party... 

we set up {ha! who am i kidding, mikey set up...} a table
close to the water fountain and loaded it up with some goodies
we hoped would be good party fare that also 
celebrated our 'have a ball' theme
we were really just going for a plain,
old-fashioned birthday party...
free, outside, simple food, no frills,
full out celebration of another year of a sweet little boy...
i think it worked out that way.

 we had cheese balls, sausage balls, pretzel balls
for our 'have a ball' party fare

i made a sugar cookie cake with icing
instead of a traditional birthday cake or cupcakes...
it's so dense and soft- like a really good sugar cookie.
i want to find an icing that is hearty like this one,
but that does not use any shortening- 
i feel like i can taste it 
and that is not my desire...
the chocolate icing doesn't have shortening in it 
and it is divine! {to me, but i love me some icing...}

i thought it would be so much better if we had some 
sugar cookie already cut, to help with that initial rush of serving 
the party-goers after a good ol' singing of happy birthday...
so i used my french wire tiered stand from willow house
to house some of the pre-cut sugar cookie...
this really turned out to be a big time saver
and i was glad i did it... it allowed for a friend to help me
get more people served faster!
click here to hear my beautiful voice singing giles happy birthday :)

 despite how it may appear, my child was not pursuing
a person in this picture, just one of the waterfalls...

 a little mingling with the moms and dads

 it was cold when the wind blew, so it required a little
forethought before just racing in...

 ella was not sure she was ready to join
in the water festivities just yet, she needed to hang with mom
for a bit to acclimate, but then, she was having a ball

greta and emily from MOMs :)
 with a little help from an online friend,
we came up with these party favor tags
for our gumball party favors!

we definitely Had A Ball!!!

happy birthday, my sweet boy! 
we won't forget your real birthday july 20th,
but your mommy loves you sooooooo much,
i wanted to make sure that nothing got in the way
of celebrating you in a special way :)
your brother will be a super special gift to all of us this summer
and i know you cannot wait to meet him!

this is the last week of school, much to my dismay.
i will not miss the carpool line or making a creative lunch every day...
but i will certainly miss having quiet in the morning hours,
and i know giles will really, really miss his friends and teachers...
although this morning in the car on the way to school
when we were talking about how school was coming to an end,
he was totally pumped for 'family time!!!' he said... 
he must have forgotten the umpteen MILLION times i have yelled at him lately :(
he's good to me like that... forgiving and all... :)

Friday, May 11, 2012


happy mother's day
to all of the mommies out there,
especially mine!
here are the flowers i would give you if all the stars would align just right ;)

a big bouquet of ranunculus... my favorite!!! 

my mama...
o how much i love you!!!
every girl should have the privilege of feeling 
so completely loved
for every minute of her life! 

i love the times when i can say,
"my mama always says..."
because those are always good words to go by...

i love that you are enjoying your retirement 
and have friends calling you to join them in all kinds of fun adventures

i love that for all the hard work you put in to two very fine establishments
for many, many, many years...
you left them both knowing what an important part you played 
while you were there... you were celebrated! and continue to be!!!

i love that you have gotten to experience 
a lifelong romance with the best of the best!

i love that my son has been loved by you...
and taught by you...
and encouraged by you...

i love that you love my husband as an important part of the family,
and give to him generously in thought, prayer, word and deed...

i love that by your example of faith, i have come to love & depend on mine
so effortlessly and completely {most of the time :)}

i love that you have lived your life so content...
there are too many moments wasted wishing for different...
you have been a beautiful example to me of appreciating what you have,
enjoying what you have, being confident in who you are...
i feel i fall terribly short of following in your footsteps
but your path makes me confident in the direction to go...

i am sure there are more than a million more things 
that i absolutely adore about you, 
but i think i hit some highlights...

i'll never know what i did to deserve the very best,
but i am just going to take it and be very grateful to my god 
for thinking enough of me to give me YOU!!!

and to switch gears only slightly,
my sweet little fella's daddy made sure to make my day
with these precious flowers that i just adore!
what a treat!!!


Thursday, May 10, 2012

lightening fast!!!

this school year has gone by just that fast for us!
it has been our very best year yet...
giles has enjoyed school sooooooooooooo much!
he LOVES his teachers, and i do too!!!!
they have loved on him, nurtured him, encouraged him,
taught him and supported him every step of the way this year.
i hate to have peaked with the 'best teachers ever' in pre-k4
for crying out loud, but gah! we just might have! lol...

today his class celebrated their end of year
with a fun day that ended in a lunch shared with parents...
my preggy brain forgot to even consider bringing my camera.
a friend was kind enough to supply me with a few pictures...
here is giles with all of his friends with summer birthdays!
the teachers kindly contributed a cake to celebrate
those who will not be in school for their special day.
i thought that was super sweet...
 {ford, giles, elliot, tyler and ella kate}

we still have a week left, but i know it will fly too!
and i will be on my own with my little preschooler...
whipped as i have ever been, 
pregnant out to 'there'
and i get to be the sole entertainment
for most hours of the day, for many days in a row!
giles must just be giddy at the thought!

my hope of hopes is that we can get our house baby ready
{and it is woefully far from it}
this last week of school...
then we can have some fun times and 
mom won't be nearly as preoccupied!
maybe i can be a pinterest scholar!
actually go back into all the boards i have made
and find some fun activities and really DO them!
hmm... like maybe...
painting some river rocks...

definitely, we need to try this! i have a million old t's 
i was just thinking of getting rid of! 
of course most all of them have things on the back, 
but we'll figure something out!

super hero cape from old t's!

there are soooo many cute things 
on pinterest that we could try!
but while i looooove crafty stuff,
giles can lose interest quickly, much to my dismay...
so i don't plan elaborate or expensive {as in, things that cost anything!}
activities for him... it just has to be that we have it
and i have the energy to do it!
there is one more little craft idea i have, 
but i am saving it, it's possibly a birthday present...
it's really cute though! i hope i get around to it!!!
the easter bunny brought giles some fabulous watercolors
that i have been dying to give a try,
i bet we'll be doing some painting for sure!

birthday bash is in countdown mode... t-minus 48 hrs...
and giles knows it too!
he's SUPAH! excited! i hope the weather holds out
and we have people show up :)
may has got to be the busiest month of the year,
coming in neck and neck with december...
but, we're ready and are going to HAVE A BALL!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

good news is GOOD news!!!

so after having a little bit of a scare,
getting good news is GOOD news!!!

saw my dr today, love her! 
she's right down the middle of the road.
she's not too intense or cautious that everything is a big deal, 
but she's not so laid back that you feel like nothing is a big deal.
a perfect mix and just right for me.

today i was wanting to see 
bp down,
iron up, 
an exam with more definitive results
{and MUCH less discomfort},
and to leave with a good idea 
of what to expect- fully aware that that really means nothing :)

bp was down... WAY down,
iron was up.... enough,
exam came with the results that 
i am not really dilated and effacement is maybe in the 50% range,
but not really anything noteworthy...
and just going by how the dr talked, acted 
and the course of action going forward...
i am feeling good about not meeting this cute little bundle until june, 
at least.

i know anything is possible. 
but, the idea of 4 more weeks, possibly 5-6 is good by me!
progress is slow around here as far as getting things done, 
considering it is almost all getting done by mike as he continues to work,
do many, many things to contribute to giles' wants and needs,
my myriad wants and needs, aches and pains,
trying to eat well and exercise,
and maintain his commitments to several things every week....
so, that being said, i'd say we're doing pretty darn good!
i will take slow and steady any day! 
 so! yay mikey.... thank you for your help and support!
i cannot WAIT to see the nursery put together and ready for bebe :)
while we're really not doing much as far as decor goes,
it will be nice to just have a landing place for all things baby
and see 'his' space!

we're gearing up for an early birthday party this weekend.
it will be our first 'friend' party.
we've had a few friends at our previous parties, 
but this time we invited the class and our MOMs group from church.
giles is SUPER pumped!
he's a party happy kid if there ever was one!
{he comes by it naturally :)))}
i hope i remember to take pictures, 
that is something that has been super easy for me to forget lately...

Friday, May 4, 2012


well, at least partially sidelined.
it seems as though babyB2 wanted to be a little dramatic!

on wednesday, i was definitely experiencing a good case of braxton hicks.
or, so i thought.
it's become a pretty regular occurrence to have braxton hicks.
so i wasn't really alarmed, 
but i was in a good bit more discomfort from them.
and they just kept on all day. 
definitely, like braxton hicks usually are for me, 
the later in the day,
the worse they got.
which could just be because i am more tired? 
i am not sure.

but, wednesday, it was definitely a little different.
like i said, most all of the day i was experiencing contractions.
mike was going to do some freelance work out of town
{only 30 min away}
but before he left, he double checked, was it ok for him to go?
i waved him off, literally, and was like, 'of course!'
i don't care to be a difficult preggy girl
{although at times, i am sure he'd beg to differ}
so, even though i would MUCH rather have him here
with me,
it seemed fine to 'wave him off' and tell him to go, 
with no worries!
so towards the end of my day, 
which included dinner & bath for giles,
we concluded the day by reading some new library books
{my boy is starting to READ!!! so exciting!!!}
and by the end of those {long...} dr seuss books,
i was one tired and hurtin' mama!

i logged on to facebook and was chatting with some mom friends
mentioning my disdain for braxton hicks...
they were super supportive, as usual...
there to listen, encourage, commiserate and advise.
one piece of advice was, 'be careful, i thought i had 
braxton hicks with one of mine and it turned out to be pre-term labor'
heard that term but never really checked into or knew what it was...
google, i love you.
with google and the march of dimes, i learned.
and then i called my sister.
we decided i should time my contractions and lie down for awhile.
then after working through thoughts about how i was feeling,
what this meant, etc, etc... 
we decided it was a good idea to at least check in with my doctor.
so, i call.
it took 10 minutes for the answering service to pick up!
then they take down all my info and tell me the dr on call will be calling.
but, instead, the answering service calls me back stating,
'the on call nurse said because you are 34 weeks, you need to go to the ER'
NOT what this preggy was willing to hear.
so, that sweet little gal got AN EAR-FULLLLL.
i was a little more than perturbed that the doctor wasn't called
and that, in turn, i wasn't called.
AND i was told to 'go to the ER'??????????????????????????????
sorry, sweet deliverer of news i did not want to hear,
you got a little of my wrath... but, i did end the call letting her know
that i knew she was just the messenger.
but also, that i would kindly be expecting another call in the near future.
well, i did get a call. from the nurse.
and just so you know, it went well. for the most part.
i told her the message that i was given and she assured me
that being told to just go to the ER was not the message she sent. 
actually, she said that i needed to come to st vincent's...
well, given the circumstances: mike was out of town, it was 11pm, 
my child was asleep, my car was scheduled for repairs the next day and 
was not highway driveable, NOR filled with gas, and i had not showered...
AND the fact that it has loooong been my understanding 
from my favorite ob/gyn practice that
if you have a question, at any time, for any reason, you just call
and you will be put in touch with someone right away
and i was not treated that way...
i was still a little miffed that i wasn't personally called.
i had questions for pete's sake!!!
anywho... long story loooong...
it was definitely in the best interest of babyB2 to head on in and get checked out
so... i made the dreaded and tearful call to mike
that despite the sweet work situation he had and 
the fact he'd only been there 2 of the 6-8hrs he was planning on being there,
it was time to come home...
he took it well enough and broke the news to his people and
headed home in the pouring rain not knowing what we were really dealing with
-other than a blubbering wife. an aside... as IF we needed any more drama for the evening... 
mike's coming home down the interstate and the car ahead of him {a good ways} 
starts losing control.
he sees the lights on the car going side to side and then watches
helplessly as the guy crashes into the 
concrete barrier down the middle of the road.
so, in true mikey fashion, he pulls over to help get the guy, who is now
parallel in the road {as in, oncoming traffic wouldn't be able to see him
until it was possibly too late} out of the road to avoid further disaster 
{after calling 911, of course}
so, he assesses that the guy is going to make it, knows help is on the way,
gets the guy out of imminent danger and gets back in his car, 
out of the pouring down rain,
to come home to wifey in possible labor.
amen, what a day.
so, we gather 'stuff'
pluck giles from dead sleep.
deliver him to his preschool teacher
at midnight
and head to the hospital...

where i was triaged ON A GURNEY
{read: NOT A BED} 
for 7 hours
i was a royal pain in the arse.
because they had to monitor baby's heartbeat, i had the pleasure
of lying in whatever position they could manage to actually hear his heart
which turned out to be FLAT on my back
with a rolled up towel wedged under my back on the left side.
um, can we say, 'not a fan' of this position???
i can. and did! in various manners for the duration of the 7 hours.
it was just no fun at all. then i got a shot to stop the contractions
once they'd monitored them for awhile.
it was called brethine.
our sweet nurse, allison, said, 'this may cause your heart to race'
um... yup. that was ONE thing it did.
it made me jumpy, like literally, my foot would just jump
and i was twitchy and allllll kinds of uncomfortable...
and sweet allison said she was allowed to give me up to 3 shots
of this lovely medicine...
no, thank you, allison!
with the help of a benedryl, i made it through the next hour
while my body digested that insanity...
and fortunately, the contractions drastically reduced in
severity and regularity
after a few violations i would like to NEVER experience again,
the conclusion was made that i was 2cm dilated but that 
baby was hanging in there high 
{based on how lovely the exam was,
i would estimate him to be hanging particularly close to my TONSILS}
and that we were not going to be dealing with delivering a baby
in the extreme near future. amen.
one doctor was scheduled to see me between 6-7am.
she came in and deemed me to stay for 'several hours'
because there was a discrepancy between her brutal exam 
and sweet allison's initial exam that made her question my progress...
can we say, TEARS were shed??? 
well, they were. all i wanted was to go home.
or merely remove myself from the pleather covered board
they were calling a bed in the triage unit... and go ANYWHERE.
but then i was saved by another doctor who 
visited and violated me slightly less 
to determine that we were in a good place
and all was fine.
i left with an 'as needed' rx of procardia should i have any more 
ongoing bouts of contractions and the orders to reduce activity.
so, fortunately, no ongoing meds and no required bedrest...
mercy. what a night.

if you've hung with me this long, keep us in your prayers.
we want a 'well-done' baby and that means he needs to cook
for at least another 4-6 weeks since i am just now 34 weeks...

despite the drama of this event, and actually, the seriousness of it as well,
it was great to have a dry run in getting to the hospital.
we found out some strengths and weaknesses,
which is a good thing... it's lighting a fire under our tired tushies 
to get a few things that we need done, done.