Saturday, April 14, 2012

well, good morning!

i really doubt this would ever become a health food blog,
but i have had a bit of an event in my life 
that i want to make sure to document...
so pardon the boring for you...

as a routine part of my pregnancy, i was scheduled for 
a glucose tolerance test
to test my blood sugar for elevated levels
and the possibility of gestational diabetes
i failed.
so i go back this week for a 3 hour test, 
the first was a 1 hour test.
this time i will fast past midnight 
and spend a chunk of my day with my doctor
getting my blood taken once an hour, for three hours
after i drink a sugary drink.

i like to think i am optimistic about most things
and this is no different.
for too much of this second pregnancy of mine i have been lay-Z!
i have every excuse worked out perfectly in my head
and they aren't all untrue
but, i could have been better 
at eating
and at exercising.
one thing that i have learned from my research about gd is 
there isn't really a proven way to prevent it
exercise, unlike with non-gestational forms of diabetes,
hasn't proven to be as effective, if at all
in prevention
and mostly, it seems to increase with age, 
second + pregnancies and being overweight...
so, 2 out of 3 are really not things i can control....

so, all that to say, at this point- this has been a welcomed 
wake up call.
i am glad that i had something to kick-start me 
into making better food choices
and eating less.
i do hope and have been praying that
is not my diagnosis on tuesday
i don't want that for many reasons...
gd can be scary stuff!!!

but, a wake up call, .... i am all for that.
here is what i have been looking at multiple times a day
for the past 3 days
it is the suggested meal pattern
to be eaten if you are required to come back for re-testing

i have seen what they send you home with if you are 
diagnosed with gd. it is MUCH more detailed :(
and that is not going to be much fun at all...
plus you have the pressure of getting it perfect 
so that your child, who is completely dependent on you,
is well taken care of...
and while that should always be the case, 
and too often i was lax in my food choices,
something about knowing all of the ramifications of gd
makes it scary instead of just being about making the best choice.
i thought gd was just about babies getting too large en utero...
but it isn't just that and for that *i scared!*

this is the most common disease among pregnant women and many
have gone before me and faired just fine... 

i have every intention of continuing to eat more well-rounded,
consistent, smaller meals with foods from all food groups...
it feels better,
and it has already set a better example for giles!
he got himself a snack of 4 plain strawberries yesterday 
afternoon, instead of asking me for a snack cup of starchy 
treats like he does most every other afternoon... 
and for our dinner the other night
which was zucchini, squash, onions in marinara sauce,
he exclaimed,
"mom! you're the best dinner cooker ever!"
as he identified zucchini and proclaimed how much he loves it!
{while that may be true, he still only ate about 6 bites of his entire dinner! lol...} 
it was rewarding to hear
*and* learn he knew what zucchini {and squash!} were
without me telling him!

so, here is to hoping that this was just a wake up call
a chance for me to rethink what, how, when i eat
and not a precursor to a new to me disease
but whichever it is, 
all will be fine...


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