Monday, April 9, 2012

a glorious weekend recap

o boy.
this baby is very much already a part of my life!
we enjoy each other's company a lot!
most recently we've enjoyed watching The Voice together...
it's my current favorite show
and he seems to agree! 
he gets so active when i turn up the volume 
to listen to all of the great singing!
i love it!
the other part he's very much a part of is my sleep!
or lack thereof.
we've definitely entered that stage in the game
where a really good night's rest is just out of reach.
and last night i had a realization of just how long it will be
until a good night's rest is possible!!!
it was a moment of anxiety, that is for sure.
but then i talked myself into remembering 
just how fortunate i am to be in this situation...
and i got over it.
but i do miss my sleep...
especially with snory mcsnore so close...

Picture of your developing baby
here's where we are at 30 weeks!
gives me a headache to see him upside down like that!
doesn't all the blood rush to his head???

so, 10 weeks to go...
really 9.5, but who's counting?
um, that would be me.

we are recovering from my house becoming a train wreck
while my den became my art studio for several weeks
yesterday mike and i hammered down and got some
things organized.
so much, much more to do, 
but just getting started felt sooo good!
i am certainly no multi-tasker i have come to realize!
i just couldn't focus on getting the house ready for baby 
with all that was going on with Pink Peeps!
it was a glorious year though,
my orders were doubled from last season!
i'd take that progression any day :)

we've had a great Easter weekend.
i can't believe i am actually updating in such a timely fashion!

on thursday giles had his school party
 this was before the party started and giles was playing with friends
 here is mrs cindy working with the boys to dye their eggs!
brave woman, she is!!!
 from a sweet classmate and his precious mama
these might have been the hit of the day!
 giles' easter egg hunt bag he made himself! 

 another precious classmate and his mama made this bunny cupcake cake
 giles' wrote his name on his egg!
a little easter egg art... love this!!!

giles had a great time! 
they hunted eggs on the playground... it was madness!
i thought i got a cute video of the mayhem
but it was only about 3 seconds long...
not sure what happened there!

on saturday we dyed eggs at our house!
being that we are only 3 folks, 
i decided we'd stick to just 1 dozen eggs.
that was plenty!
i only wanted to use 6 of the several colors
that came with it- it was hard to tell what color was what
so we ended up with 2 shades of pink and green...
i was hoping for maybe a purple and yellow, 
but no one else seemed to notice so we went with it!

we had a vibrant blue 'giles' egg, an orange 'dad' egg
and you can see part of the 'hoppy easter' egg with the bunny i drew
not sure what happened to my pictures of them???
maybe my pregnant brain just *thought* i took them!

sunday was a very busy day for us!
gilesy woke up on his own pretty early
i wasn't in the room when he walked in
so mikey had him sit down and wait for me
which was only about 1 minute, 
but i was impressed! 
he was sitting so sweetly waiting for the 'go-ahead'
to go to town investigating all that bunny had brought!

 some of the big hits were the honey bee tees,  spiderman thermos, 
the bath water tub tints, the 'electric' toothbrush, 
the three eggs with Leapster games & 
of course the candy!!!
 this paint set was MY favorite!
lots of bright, fantastic colors!!!
first seen on one of my favorite blogs whatever
i agree with meg, how can this NOT make you happy???
 my sweet, sweet little boy...
4.5 years of joy have surrounded our house
since his arrival!!!

so after all the fun of Easter bunny bounty
we loaded up the car with meals
and delivered meals on wheels
to 8 families around town...
they love when giles comes to the door 
and he loves to go!

mass was next on the agenda.
it was standing room only and fabulous from start to finish!
what a glorious celebration!!!
being pregnant and sitting in church has not been my favorite combo
i constantly feel like i need to go find the potty,
giles wants to sit on my lap- huh?
excuse me?
what lap???
it's just not the most comfy hour of my week...
but then you think about what Christ did 
and it sheds that much needed perspective...

after mass was a FUN egg hunt!
giles got a basketful!
i wish i would have had a brain cell to remind me
to get a family picture on Easter morning??? 
what happened? it did not cross my mind :(

we enjoyed the day at home, just the 3 of us...
it was a much needed home day.
no fancy meal, 
just eating leftovers and getting some headway on a few projects
with PERFECT weather!!!
it was truly a perfect day...

and since we'd had two hunts already, why not a third???
actually, if the bunny hadn't already stuffed the eggs, 
we might have skipped this one, but giles enjoys it so!!!

sweet finn was trying to enjoy it too! as was echo... 
they are so funny... here is finn trying so hard to be a good, good boy
{which he totally was!!! despite how the pictures portray him -lol}

so, that concludes our beautiful Easter weekend!

and before i forget... i haven't done any regular pregnancy posts like
lots of mamas-to-be do... it just never happened...
but, at 30 weeks, here is how it is going...
definitely wearing maternity clothing, tops and bottoms
except when i am at home... so, if you were ever the kind
to just 'drop' by, do us both a favor... call first.
no particular food is more appealing necessarily...
i definitely don't enjoy 'discussing' food, giving it much thought,
or waiting for it. hunger comes on like crazy fast!
in the past couple of weeks i have enjoyed salads a lot
and we worked through my new aversion to the texture of grilled chicken breasts
we have bought tenders instead!
i really can't explain it, there just became something about it
that started bothering me... tenders seemed to do the trick!
baby B2 does LOTS-o-wiggling around,
which i just *love*
yesterday i got what i think of as a real 'kick' for the first time
all the other movements are some kinds of flutters
and wiggles and pressure and ripples
but i really felt a good ol' kick yesterday!
giles is very excited about brother.
he's pretty fixed on the fact that when brother is 5, he will be 10.
i have tried to get him to understand that there 
will be A LOT to go on between now and the time
brother turns 5! 
i think it's all a little over his head...
as for the nursery... i am thinking of a medium-ish shade of gray.
it seems like such a soothing color
and we have some yellow and green accents from 
giles' nursery to use again...
i think the gray will make them standout in a different way, 
which is exactly what i am looking for...
a way to reuse without feeling like we're doing 
a complete re-do...

well... that about sums up all that is on my brain
this monday morning...

i do plan to post very soon about my sweet baby sprinkle
given to me and two other expectant mom friends by our church group...
they called it a sprinkle...
pictures will show they were a little off in that title!
coming soon...

have a wonderful week!

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