Monday, April 16, 2012

the nest...

the nest is coming along...
slowly, but coming...
i could comfortably claim that my first nesting activity is complete.
i sterilized and washed all of the boy's bottles.
i got the correct nipples 
{a lesson we learned the first go 'round...
nipples have different 'flow'... didn't know that...}
on the right sized bottles
and stored the rest for a little later on down the line.

so that was fun to do and fun to check on 'da list'

the list seems to grow daily too :)
lots and lots of 'honey-do's'

i am not sure if mikey got off easy this mother's day or not...
he's got a list a mile long that i asked be completed by mother's day
for mother's day...
hmm... no pressure.

tomorrow's the big day.. the 3hr glucose test.
i have learned from the past 5 days of eating along the eating plan
that came home with me from the drs last week, 
i can do this! 
and i feel good...
well, that's not to say i am not exhausted after all of 5 minutes of activity
but i don't feel gross... just tired.
and not feeling gross and tired, 
well, that's an improvement!!!

i went to the library and got my reading material
and am ready to hunker down for a few hours of downtime with the doctor...
hope i am not too hungry to actually read!

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