Tuesday, April 17, 2012

hip! hip! hooray!

not to be overly enthusiastic or anything, 
i have my gestational diabetes 3 hour test behind me and the results were 

word to the wise...
don't indulge with Easter candy the day or two before your 1hr
glucose test...
result? fail.
at least i think that is what it had more to do with than anything
i have thanked God repeatedly for the wake up call...
it was almost like i had forgotten that FRESH fruits and vegetables,
or heck, ANY fruits and vegetables should be a regular part of your diet...
so, i have been enjoying, very much, the reminder...
of course, i don't think it could have come at a better time of year!
we have had fresh strawberries, 
pineapple, clementines, apples, bananas, cantaloupe...
all delish!
and my favorite go-to snack/meal has been fruit
topped with yogurt and cheerios.
sooo good!

definitely a great end to a loooong day!
mikey and i woke up very early,
got giles up very early, took him to his teacher's house
{who is a very dear friend too} 
so she could take him to school...
then we headed off to birmingham where mike was able
to coordinate some of his computer work with my appointment time.
then i decided to ride with him to montgomery for the afternoon
for another part of his gig...
thank goodness for panera!
we had a healthy lunch there and then while he was 
busy with his work, i read a book at another panera!
we thoroughly enjoyed being able to spend the day together,
it felt like old times when we used to travel together all of the time!

it was funny, we were driving and not really talking and i told mikey,
"i feel like we should have a serious discussion" and he didn't miss a beat! 
he knew why i said it--- we were alone and couldn't get interrupted!
it was awesome...
and then we did have some great conversation that was productive
and UNINTERRUPTED by a cute little blondie....

that cute little blondie spent the day with his teacher...
no doubt he made her feel like a rockstar because he was so pumped 
to have her all to himself for part of the ride to school...
and then she trumped all by taking him to chick fil a!
she is so awesome and we are so very fortunate to have 
a friend who is a teacher and who loves our boy so much!
she calls to tell me the sweet things he says and does
{and the not so sweet things he says and does too, when necessary :)}
today he ordered fruit instead of french fries, 
which made me smile...
and yesterday, he wore a new bbtn outfit to school...
before he went i talked to him a couple of times about coming home
with a clean shirt... i am convinced he uses clothing like a napkin sometimes...
well, ms cindy put 2&2 together when we were talking today...
yesterday, they were working with stamps...
one boy ended up getting ink on his shirt... giles saw it.
he asked ms cindy for a smock!!!
o how i love that boy :)

well, many prayers have been answered....
having GD would not have been the end of the world or anything even close.
but! just knowing that is something i do not have to worry about, 
well, ... that is just a real blessing for me. 
i am just so very grateful to have had a wake up call,
it was definitely needed...
but to have been spared the diagnosis, i am very grateful...
and i will be praying for all who are dealing with GD and D in general...

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