Friday, March 23, 2012

with meaning...

i am so happy we have found our name!!!

but we're not telling. 
we like to drive you crazy like that!
just like it would drive me crazy
if we told!
i would scrutinize your immediate reaction
and try to dissect the true meaning of it
for the rest. of. the. day.

it came about so organically,
which i personally needed for it to.
nothing was working 'just right'
until we found just the right one!
and it came at a time 
with such meaning to me
and that feels really, really good...
it even made me loose sleep last night
i was so excited!
i asked mike to say it at least a dozen times
while he was trying hard to fall asleep...
he understands my obsession and totally indulged me :)
i was on at midnight
i wanted to order something with his name on it
so. badly.
but, i held out.
i am sure it won't be forever, 
but for now... i just have been writing it a lot :)

this weekend is a busy weekend with me 
chairing an event for junior league,
so excited about it!
with the help of my fundraising committee chair
we have revamped an already great event just a bit
and God blessed me with a few earth angels who have
helped me so much in pulling it all together...
i can't wait! 
i have said it is my swan song...
after this, i might just go into hibernation until after June 16th.

since i do try to keep a bit of an on-going history
of our lives with this blog,
i want to remember what giles is doing here 
in the months before 'brudder' arrives...

he makes his own 'snack cup'
{which does involve climbing onto the counter...hmmm}
he can pause the dvr, and press play
he can click his own seat belt closed pretty quickly
he is an ace at helping us around the house, 
and is mostly eager to do so
he helped daddy mow the grass this weekend
{behind the mower w daddy ever present}
he loves broccoli, a lot.
he found a new love for carrots yesterday... 
he has started singing to himself,
not even always songs, just sometimes
when he talks, he sings it to himself...
it's way cute to listen in when he doesn't know you are...
he calls me from another room, i go and he holds his arms out and says
i comply. gladly.
he rebounds from my short-temperdness {word?} quickly,
and usually we both end of laughing, 
i am so grateful for his forgiveness...
there are so many more precious, and not so precious,
things he does i know i want to remember,
but sadly, can't even recall now!

my friend said the other day, in regards to her son, close in age to giles
"he's my heart beating outside of my body..."
boy, did she nail it!!!

he's so sweet to his poppie, mike's daddy
here he is in poppie's lap...
so grateful for his strength to hold giles
he's up and down through the days 
with regards to his strength and feelings in general
we were so inspired and thankful
to have been able to be with him last night
 and hear him chatting, joking, being sweet and silly poppie

sorry, lighting was awful!!!

we would love your prayers as poppie 
will be transitioning back home {PRAISE!} but 
it will require a lot of all of us to make it work....
most especially i pray for poppie to enjoy being back home
after a stint in the hospital and rehab,
to work hard to gain more strength so he can stay there
for as long as possible,
and for us to all take care of one another 
with love and compassion...

come to sips n stogies on saturday if you're in tuscaloosa,
we'd love to see you!!!

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