Tuesday, February 14, 2012

on a scale of 0 to 10...

i think i could come in at a resounding
for energy today...
i have all but guilted my hubby into cutting out of work early
just so i won't sit all day and sleep
where o where
is my second trimester JOLT?!??!
i think it decided to BOLT!!!!
i did manage to pull it together and get to giles'
valentine's party! 
i needed to clue his teacher into the fact
that i decided to wear my LEAST comfortable shoes
so i could look 'somewhat' pulled together
before she put me on 'bean bag toss' duty! :)
but that actually was lots of fun
and i got to interact with all of giles' precious classmates
he has a great, great class of 19 boys, 1 girl!
he loves them all and it is so cute to hear him talk about them

i seriously tried to get pictures of him with various ones
 but that just was not in the cards today! ha!
so here are the few that i did get!

here he is first thing this morning 
getting his chocolate bump... 
spiderman chocolates, a new cup with curly straw
& a card 
...please ignore the various and assorted liquors in the background
-they were not on the breakfast menu :)
i cleared giles out a space in a cabinet in our dining room
and those need a new home...
which would require energy to find...
so there they sit.

these two are my very fav-o-rite valentines!
hubby all handsome on his way to work in bham

here are the treats we made for giles' teachers
i just made a big pan of brownies
and used a large cookie cutter and got three brownies out of it

here is giles' class with the parachute
having a BIG time!

this is giles' valentine 'mailbox' he made at school
it was FULL of sugary goodness
i wish i had taken a picture of the divine shortbread cookie
that he so kindly let me have
o boy--- it was YUM!

and this was his valentine lunch he had at school

for breakfast i made him {and who am i kidding? me!}
these sausage roll ups -minus the homemade syrup
we went with our regular mrs butterworths sugar free
{it is really, really good and i can't tell it's sf}
it was my first time to make them and they were great!
i had them for lunch too, with ketchup, again- tasty!

giles is going to be SUPER surprised tomorrow
my parents are coming to whisk him away for a week
he has no idea... i love surprising him like that!
 i will just let them show up, he'll be blown away :) 
and even MORE SO when he learns that he gets to home with them!

that little diversion for him will allow me to hunker down
and do more of this

so, if you don't see me or hear from me for awhile...
you know where to find me!!!

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