Monday, February 13, 2012

it's heart day!!!

so tomorrow is a big day around here...
 my little valentine is already anticipating that cupid will deliver :)
{he comes by this naturally...}
my cupid came this past weekend...
and he DUN GOOD!

this is movie #4 in the Twilight series
and not only did mikey gift this to me {per my request :)}
he also put it in the dvd player for me
and took kiddo and dogs out of the house
AND texted before heading home to make sure 
the movie was over before bringing home the troops!

now our little valentine
is being sent off to school tomorrow with his valentines
we made these 

we downloaded a sweet little header tag from coton colors
mikey made some color copies 
{we used regular copier paper, not cardstock, and it was great!}
i cut them out and folded 
and giles signed them!!!
in a snack ziplock baggie
we gave each friend 3 marshmallow hearts
that we dipped in chocolate!

we've got a little work to do regarding penmanship!

but the love was definitely there...
giles shared a little bit about each of his friends 
as he signed their names
it was cute...

tomorrow is the big party at school... 
 i will be back with pictures

i know i haven't bloggied about bebe in a bit...
my plan was to share a little video,
it still IS my plan...
but the post will be a little delayed!

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