Sunday, January 8, 2012


i have no idea where this post will head, 
but i came to computer so i would remember
a factoid about his pregnancy...

my cravings lately.
anything 'with' something...
biscuit with butter and jelly
shrimp with olive oil and cavenders
blueberry waffles {frozen, not fancy} with sugar free syrup
and back to biscuits with butter and jelly
that has been a staple around here
it just is so darn good 
and normally, that would elicit an 'eh' response
from me...
i like biscuits 'ok'
but crave?

and while we're on the topic of food...
the cheesecake factory
lemoncello torte
get. out.
here is the description

Layers of Vanilla Cake and Lemon Mascarpone Cream 
Topped with Streusel and Served with Strawberries and Whipped Cream

here is the picture
it is insane.
i am glad AND sad that we do not have
the cheesecake factory here locally...
it might get ugly
i shared this dessert with a new friend i met 
at palooza this weekend in ATL
palooza is the kick off event for the year
for willow house
so glad i did.
had. a. ball.

rode in a car with 5 women
stayed in a room with 4 women
and had a blast with at least 300+ women
and made many new friends!
facebook was such a blessing...
i went 'knowing' about 6 or 7 women, 
but because of facebook and having friended
several ladies in willow house over the months,
it was like i knew 20 or 30 already!

but one of the sweetest parts of the whole weekend
was my 'welcome home' embrace from my boys...
especially that little neck squeezer gilesy...
i could tell he really was glad to see me
and there is nothing quite like that!

i do have some fun news 
that i will be sharing regarding my willow house business
but i want to get all the details ironed out first

one new tidbit on my blog
 the willow house button at the top of the screen...
it links you to my willow house online store!
isn't that fun?

more later...

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