Monday, January 2, 2012

sharing the love...

 here are some of my custom creations 
for new friends and forever friends

i love seeing my work 
*in action*
it is so satisfying!
so enjoy a few that have been sent my way...

i am going to work on finding more
to share...

two sweet little brothers who belong to one of my very first friends
these sweet three are in blessed be the name to boot!

soooo sweet!
these fun brothers belong to one of my very favorite people!!!
i am not sure there is anything cuter!

this was this little one's very first Easter... how special...

and since i ran into a few extra minutes, 
i will share a few i have done this year...
please excuse the picture taking
some day i will get around to making 
a really cute set up for taking pictures

i can visualize a back ground...
but space is definitely an issue
where o where 
would i put such a set up?

o well...
on to more fun things!

sadly, i forgot to get a picture before i wrapped this one
and i *love, love, love* a primary colored train...

and although i love allll of the designs and colors
i have painted
there is just something about this one
it is the 13" basket with the medium color scheme

and you can view a large collection of my baskets on facebook,
even if you aren't *on* facebook...
just click and visit!

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