Thursday, January 12, 2012


i have made progress!

my house is still not 'clean' 
but at this point, it is getting tidier!!!

yesterday i had the energy and desire
to do loads of laundry,
keep the sink clean,
put away clean clothes
{why is the 'step' of the laundry so daunting?!?},
and straighten up our living room/den

that kind of energy has escaped me for far too long...
and today, i could so take a long afternoon nap.
however, giles decided today was a day for 
a very, very, very brief 'rest'---
so, no nap for me.

and i have 'made dinner' 
two nights in a row!!!
last night it was chicken poppyseed & wild rice
tonight it is oven-baked pork & green bean casserole

today, i ran errands!!!
usually while giles is in school
i am at home working on this, that or the other
but not today! 
i went all over town
& even got to *enjoy* lunch
with a fellow willow house consultant & friend

my o my...
i am feeling superiorly productive!

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