Sunday, January 1, 2012

let's back up a year...

or at least a few days
into last year...

before we move on too much, 
i need to do a burnett family
christmas recap!

christmas with a 4 1/2 year old is bliss!
i don't want to soon forget...

our first christmas celebration 
was with mike's parents and his side of the family
at his parent's house
where i failed, completely, at taking pictures...

for the sake of history...
giles got a really cool remote control helicopter,
play doh sets & the well-anticipated buzz lightyear...

and this really interesting 

then santa went and outdid himself...

buzz, being the good friend he is, left on christmas eve 
in search of santa... he wanted to make sure that santa
didn't forget to bring giles his good friend woody...
santa didn't disappoint...
giles was beyond tickled!!!
uncle chris and aunt skye gifted him with buzz
and then santa made sure that no matter what it took 
{shutting down toys r us, target AND walmart
in the midst of all of the other things he has going on 
on christmas eve...}
woody would make an appearance...
it was fun for santa to see those eyes of giles
twinkling brightly at the sight of his good fortune
on christmas morning...

other fun things found their way to giles too...
a marble maze
colorful wooden blocks
lots of cool hot wheels track
coloring books
an abacus!
some necessities in the clothing department
like underwear, socks & a wool coat
{black, just like mom's--- as giles requested!}
and i am sure there were a few others...

and then there was the stocking...
that's always fun---
some candy,
some small toys...
usually forgotten until the awe of all that santa brought
has somewhat dissipated a little...
so it's a little bump on the excitement scale

and then, we loaded up our sleigh
{embarrassingly full} 
and headed on to tennessee
to celebrate a little more
for just a few hours--- a quick 48.

we got there just in time to eat yummy food
and open even more presents--- MUCH to giles' delight!

here is giles with haha... his 'other' grandmother
who is actually my sister's mother-in-law
but she's our family too... 
she has always been a favorite of giles'
here his is showing haha his other new buzz...
this one he calls his gps...
which is not very accurate at all---
but it is a great handheld game toy
that has occupied many hours in the days 
following christmas...

it was NOT possible to get these
three to take a decent picture
at the same time...
but we had fun trying!!!

 here is my beautiful sister
with her signature {for this year} glitter paper
that she so kindly wrapped one of my presents in...
i had glitter from head to toe!

something about the smile on her face
was very telling of how much she was enjoying
the thought of inescapable glitter!!!

and here is my handsome daddy...
he was opening his gifts among all of the chaos around him

not quite sure how he did it,
but leo caught a cat nap under the tree!

looking back there are so many pictures
that i didn't catch,
but at least i have the memories
of a fabulous time with family

and giles was in heaven with all of his cousins...
{cecilia was missing from the photo, i think she was reading...}

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