Saturday, January 14, 2012

happy saturday!

today is going to be a great day!
i have my first blessed be the name show of the season
and i have enough time that i can hopefully 
tackle giles' room
and i know what's for dinner!!!
any day when i know at 6:30am
what's for dinner, is a good day!!!
we will be having 

you can just click that link
and know what you're having for dinner too, 
if you'd like!
this recipe comes from plain chicken blog
i believe the author's name is stephanie
and i know she's out of birmingham, 
so, an alabama sister :)
of course she's going to make great food!
but i love that she keeps it simple
so, check it out if you get a minute.
if you're on pinterest i have seen many 
of her recipes pinned
we also had her breakfast casserole
on christmas morning and it was fabulous!
and one last plug,
she's got a facebook page,
if you don't have google reader
it's a great way to keep up with her posts!

on another note...
my sweet parents have a drawer
that is child-safe in their kitchen
and giles' infatuation with it,
started my infatuation with that
little blue thing in the lower right corner of the pic

a wide-mouthed funnel

i saw it and thought of all of the times
i could have used that bad boy
my parents just happened upon it one day 
while in a local dollar store

well, my sweet hubs has known i have been
obsessed for a little while
and he has tried, going all around town,
to help me find one,
no no avail...

the eagle has landed, folks.
the love of my culinary life was found yesterday
at walmart
in the canning section
internets, it's a canning funnel.
and now, NOW, that i have 
your full funnel of attention,
i can't even tell you when i will use it
i really am drawing a blank.
but, i assure you, 
many of my kitchen moments have been spent thinking
'dang, i wish i had a wide-mouthed funnel'
and it just won't be that way anymore...
so, if i have piqued your curiosity,
go to the canning aisle at walmart,
spend less than $2 and you can have one too!!!


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