Sunday, January 1, 2012

happy new year!!!!

i am a little weak in my resolve at times.
well, actually, a lot--- at times.

there are a few areas of my life 
i would like to see some change.

i am 'too weak' to post them here :)
but when i read sarah's blog,
it was the most excellent 'jolt'
of hard, but important to hear,

i adore sarah's no non-sense blog
i would recommend her to anyone

i wish i had some awesome and inspiring words
of my own to share
but this for new year's day post, 
i am going to share sarah's thoughts
because they are what i want mine to be...
so maybe on this day in 2013,
they will be more mine that they are now.

may this year bring you many blessings,
strength to deal with those that you would rather not,
graciousness to deal with those that you embrace,
and sense enough to know
that without our Heavenly Father
neither would matter
in the good and the bad
it is so important to remember
it is all a part of a much bigger picture 
than we can possibly imagine

so in closing... i will leave you with sarah's blog post 
and something i found on pinterest
it really hit home with me
because i am not perfect
and every day i make choices i shouldn't
from the way i talk to my husband and child
to others
to being too lazy to spend quiet time with my Savior

so sorry this is blurry...
i tried to find it's original source on the Haven and Home blog
but i have run out of time and will have to look later...

and please visit sarah's blog if you want 
a dose of good advice...

all the best for you and your life!

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