Tuesday, January 10, 2012

cuteness came to my front door!!!

o, people...
what a fun delivery i received yesterday!!!
twice a year i get this HUGE box on my doorstep
and inside a friend of mine's dreams come spilling out

my friend ashley has made the opportunity in her life
to do what she loves!
she creates...
she worships in the process...
and she offers me the opportunity to bless others with her gifts & love...

now, we all know...
custom children's clothing
it's not for every one
and how can it bless others?
it does. 
through the philanthropy that ashley has aligned us with
through the moms who are so happy to find 
CLASSIC children's clothing,
and top quality at that...
to the relationships that grow from the various facets of the business

i believe in the butterfly effect in human behavior

i think positive interactions bless others

you all know tuscaloosa was largely affected on april 27
with devastating tornadoes
{and please know, this is just one example of all of the kindness people shared}
one of my customers had a bbtn item to exchange in her car
well, her car got tossed around like a hot potato
in the storm
and out the window, or door, or roof or hatch
that bbtn item flew...
she called and talked to ashley, 
a new was shipped, no hassels
 surely my customer & friend hung up the phone
from that interaction and felt a big sense of relief...
and i know, it affected her actions that day,
kindness does that...
and because we continue to interact
with different people in our lives on a daily basis,
that kindness spreads

and that is what i think of when i think of bbtn

and cuteness, definitely cuteness :)

so, to help you think 'cuteness' here are some pictures to enjoy

um, sorry, he's definitely the cutest of all
{at least *i* think so!}
giles is modeling a new style of shorts, 
the playdate short
a precious little cargo short for the growing boy
LOVE these!!!

and, if we *were* to find out a girly is on the way
 she would sooo be sporting an alpha tee...
of course the letter would have to remain a mystery...

and i would SO pair that precious tee 
with these little ruffled cuties...
and i would probably get more of these ruffle cuties
because they are way cutie!!!

 this O so precious olivia top
paired with yet another pair of ruffle bloomers
and then... 
because, as you can tell, the love runs...
ruffled hiney!!!
 with a little ice cream sundae tee...

o boy.
i might SERIOUSLY be in trouble with a girl...
because in addition to ruffled bottoms...
partyin' to be done!!!
and you have to have the right party clothes!!!

speaking of 'o boy'...
yup... we might just be blessed with another
that is a brother!!!

in *that* case...
we're talking...



beachy fun clothes!!!

and for *big* brother...

for our favorite family activity

and some of our new found pasttimes...

there are so many options
for boys *and* girlies

what a fun time i have 
with blessed be the name

if you want more information
send me an email ccb1972@comcast.net

you can visit www.blessednames.com
to learn more about neverthirst

and i will leave you with a verse ashley shared with me
"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for man."
Col 3:23 

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