Saturday, January 14, 2012

happy saturday!

today is going to be a great day!
i have my first blessed be the name show of the season
and i have enough time that i can hopefully 
tackle giles' room
and i know what's for dinner!!!
any day when i know at 6:30am
what's for dinner, is a good day!!!
we will be having 

you can just click that link
and know what you're having for dinner too, 
if you'd like!
this recipe comes from plain chicken blog
i believe the author's name is stephanie
and i know she's out of birmingham, 
so, an alabama sister :)
of course she's going to make great food!
but i love that she keeps it simple
so, check it out if you get a minute.
if you're on pinterest i have seen many 
of her recipes pinned
we also had her breakfast casserole
on christmas morning and it was fabulous!
and one last plug,
she's got a facebook page,
if you don't have google reader
it's a great way to keep up with her posts!

on another note...
my sweet parents have a drawer
that is child-safe in their kitchen
and giles' infatuation with it,
started my infatuation with that
little blue thing in the lower right corner of the pic

a wide-mouthed funnel

i saw it and thought of all of the times
i could have used that bad boy
my parents just happened upon it one day 
while in a local dollar store

well, my sweet hubs has known i have been
obsessed for a little while
and he has tried, going all around town,
to help me find one,
no no avail...

the eagle has landed, folks.
the love of my culinary life was found yesterday
at walmart
in the canning section
internets, it's a canning funnel.
and now, NOW, that i have 
your full funnel of attention,
i can't even tell you when i will use it
i really am drawing a blank.
but, i assure you, 
many of my kitchen moments have been spent thinking
'dang, i wish i had a wide-mouthed funnel'
and it just won't be that way anymore...
so, if i have piqued your curiosity,
go to the canning aisle at walmart,
spend less than $2 and you can have one too!!!


Thursday, January 12, 2012


i have made progress!

my house is still not 'clean' 
but at this point, it is getting tidier!!!

yesterday i had the energy and desire
to do loads of laundry,
keep the sink clean,
put away clean clothes
{why is the 'step' of the laundry so daunting?!?},
and straighten up our living room/den

that kind of energy has escaped me for far too long...
and today, i could so take a long afternoon nap.
however, giles decided today was a day for 
a very, very, very brief 'rest'---
so, no nap for me.

and i have 'made dinner' 
two nights in a row!!!
last night it was chicken poppyseed & wild rice
tonight it is oven-baked pork & green bean casserole

today, i ran errands!!!
usually while giles is in school
i am at home working on this, that or the other
but not today! 
i went all over town
& even got to *enjoy* lunch
with a fellow willow house consultant & friend

my o my...
i am feeling superiorly productive!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

cuteness came to my front door!!!

o, people...
what a fun delivery i received yesterday!!!
twice a year i get this HUGE box on my doorstep
and inside a friend of mine's dreams come spilling out

my friend ashley has made the opportunity in her life
to do what she loves!
she creates...
she worships in the process...
and she offers me the opportunity to bless others with her gifts & love...

now, we all know...
custom children's clothing
it's not for every one
and how can it bless others?
it does. 
through the philanthropy that ashley has aligned us with
through the moms who are so happy to find 
CLASSIC children's clothing,
and top quality at that...
to the relationships that grow from the various facets of the business

i believe in the butterfly effect in human behavior

i think positive interactions bless others

you all know tuscaloosa was largely affected on april 27
with devastating tornadoes
{and please know, this is just one example of all of the kindness people shared}
one of my customers had a bbtn item to exchange in her car
well, her car got tossed around like a hot potato
in the storm
and out the window, or door, or roof or hatch
that bbtn item flew...
she called and talked to ashley, 
a new was shipped, no hassels
 surely my customer & friend hung up the phone
from that interaction and felt a big sense of relief...
and i know, it affected her actions that day,
kindness does that...
and because we continue to interact
with different people in our lives on a daily basis,
that kindness spreads

and that is what i think of when i think of bbtn

and cuteness, definitely cuteness :)

so, to help you think 'cuteness' here are some pictures to enjoy

um, sorry, he's definitely the cutest of all
{at least *i* think so!}
giles is modeling a new style of shorts, 
the playdate short
a precious little cargo short for the growing boy
LOVE these!!!

and, if we *were* to find out a girly is on the way
 she would sooo be sporting an alpha tee...
of course the letter would have to remain a mystery...

and i would SO pair that precious tee 
with these little ruffled cuties...
and i would probably get more of these ruffle cuties
because they are way cutie!!!

 this O so precious olivia top
paired with yet another pair of ruffle bloomers
and then... 
because, as you can tell, the love runs...
ruffled hiney!!!
 with a little ice cream sundae tee...

o boy.
i might SERIOUSLY be in trouble with a girl...
because in addition to ruffled bottoms...
partyin' to be done!!!
and you have to have the right party clothes!!!

speaking of 'o boy'...
yup... we might just be blessed with another
that is a brother!!!

in *that* case...
we're talking...



beachy fun clothes!!!

and for *big* brother...

for our favorite family activity

and some of our new found pasttimes...

there are so many options
for boys *and* girlies

what a fun time i have 
with blessed be the name

if you want more information
send me an email

you can visit
to learn more about neverthirst

and i will leave you with a verse ashley shared with me
"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for man."
Col 3:23 

Sunday, January 8, 2012


i have no idea where this post will head, 
but i came to computer so i would remember
a factoid about his pregnancy...

my cravings lately.
anything 'with' something...
biscuit with butter and jelly
shrimp with olive oil and cavenders
blueberry waffles {frozen, not fancy} with sugar free syrup
and back to biscuits with butter and jelly
that has been a staple around here
it just is so darn good 
and normally, that would elicit an 'eh' response
from me...
i like biscuits 'ok'
but crave?

and while we're on the topic of food...
the cheesecake factory
lemoncello torte
get. out.
here is the description

Layers of Vanilla Cake and Lemon Mascarpone Cream 
Topped with Streusel and Served with Strawberries and Whipped Cream

here is the picture
it is insane.
i am glad AND sad that we do not have
the cheesecake factory here locally...
it might get ugly
i shared this dessert with a new friend i met 
at palooza this weekend in ATL
palooza is the kick off event for the year
for willow house
so glad i did.
had. a. ball.

rode in a car with 5 women
stayed in a room with 4 women
and had a blast with at least 300+ women
and made many new friends!
facebook was such a blessing...
i went 'knowing' about 6 or 7 women, 
but because of facebook and having friended
several ladies in willow house over the months,
it was like i knew 20 or 30 already!

but one of the sweetest parts of the whole weekend
was my 'welcome home' embrace from my boys...
especially that little neck squeezer gilesy...
i could tell he really was glad to see me
and there is nothing quite like that!

i do have some fun news 
that i will be sharing regarding my willow house business
but i want to get all the details ironed out first

one new tidbit on my blog
 the willow house button at the top of the screen...
it links you to my willow house online store!
isn't that fun?

more later...

Monday, January 2, 2012

sharing the love...

 here are some of my custom creations 
for new friends and forever friends

i love seeing my work 
*in action*
it is so satisfying!
so enjoy a few that have been sent my way...

i am going to work on finding more
to share...

two sweet little brothers who belong to one of my very first friends
these sweet three are in blessed be the name to boot!

soooo sweet!
these fun brothers belong to one of my very favorite people!!!
i am not sure there is anything cuter!

this was this little one's very first Easter... how special...

and since i ran into a few extra minutes, 
i will share a few i have done this year...
please excuse the picture taking
some day i will get around to making 
a really cute set up for taking pictures

i can visualize a back ground...
but space is definitely an issue
where o where 
would i put such a set up?

o well...
on to more fun things!

sadly, i forgot to get a picture before i wrapped this one
and i *love, love, love* a primary colored train...

and although i love allll of the designs and colors
i have painted
there is just something about this one
it is the 13" basket with the medium color scheme

and you can view a large collection of my baskets on facebook,
even if you aren't *on* facebook...
just click and visit!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

let's back up a year...

or at least a few days
into last year...

before we move on too much, 
i need to do a burnett family
christmas recap!

christmas with a 4 1/2 year old is bliss!
i don't want to soon forget...

our first christmas celebration 
was with mike's parents and his side of the family
at his parent's house
where i failed, completely, at taking pictures...

for the sake of history...
giles got a really cool remote control helicopter,
play doh sets & the well-anticipated buzz lightyear...

and this really interesting 

then santa went and outdid himself...

buzz, being the good friend he is, left on christmas eve 
in search of santa... he wanted to make sure that santa
didn't forget to bring giles his good friend woody...
santa didn't disappoint...
giles was beyond tickled!!!
uncle chris and aunt skye gifted him with buzz
and then santa made sure that no matter what it took 
{shutting down toys r us, target AND walmart
in the midst of all of the other things he has going on 
on christmas eve...}
woody would make an appearance...
it was fun for santa to see those eyes of giles
twinkling brightly at the sight of his good fortune
on christmas morning...

other fun things found their way to giles too...
a marble maze
colorful wooden blocks
lots of cool hot wheels track
coloring books
an abacus!
some necessities in the clothing department
like underwear, socks & a wool coat
{black, just like mom's--- as giles requested!}
and i am sure there were a few others...

and then there was the stocking...
that's always fun---
some candy,
some small toys...
usually forgotten until the awe of all that santa brought
has somewhat dissipated a little...
so it's a little bump on the excitement scale

and then, we loaded up our sleigh
{embarrassingly full} 
and headed on to tennessee
to celebrate a little more
for just a few hours--- a quick 48.

we got there just in time to eat yummy food
and open even more presents--- MUCH to giles' delight!

here is giles with haha... his 'other' grandmother
who is actually my sister's mother-in-law
but she's our family too... 
she has always been a favorite of giles'
here his is showing haha his other new buzz...
this one he calls his gps...
which is not very accurate at all---
but it is a great handheld game toy
that has occupied many hours in the days 
following christmas...

it was NOT possible to get these
three to take a decent picture
at the same time...
but we had fun trying!!!

 here is my beautiful sister
with her signature {for this year} glitter paper
that she so kindly wrapped one of my presents in...
i had glitter from head to toe!

something about the smile on her face
was very telling of how much she was enjoying
the thought of inescapable glitter!!!

and here is my handsome daddy...
he was opening his gifts among all of the chaos around him

not quite sure how he did it,
but leo caught a cat nap under the tree!

looking back there are so many pictures
that i didn't catch,
but at least i have the memories
of a fabulous time with family

and giles was in heaven with all of his cousins...
{cecilia was missing from the photo, i think she was reading...}

happy new year!!!!

i am a little weak in my resolve at times.
well, actually, a lot--- at times.

there are a few areas of my life 
i would like to see some change.

i am 'too weak' to post them here :)
but when i read sarah's blog,
it was the most excellent 'jolt'
of hard, but important to hear,

i adore sarah's no non-sense blog
i would recommend her to anyone

i wish i had some awesome and inspiring words
of my own to share
but this for new year's day post, 
i am going to share sarah's thoughts
because they are what i want mine to be...
so maybe on this day in 2013,
they will be more mine that they are now.

may this year bring you many blessings,
strength to deal with those that you would rather not,
graciousness to deal with those that you embrace,
and sense enough to know
that without our Heavenly Father
neither would matter
in the good and the bad
it is so important to remember
it is all a part of a much bigger picture 
than we can possibly imagine

so in closing... i will leave you with sarah's blog post 
and something i found on pinterest
it really hit home with me
because i am not perfect
and every day i make choices i shouldn't
from the way i talk to my husband and child
to others
to being too lazy to spend quiet time with my Savior

so sorry this is blurry...
i tried to find it's original source on the Haven and Home blog
but i have run out of time and will have to look later...

and please visit sarah's blog if you want 
a dose of good advice...

all the best for you and your life!