Friday, December 2, 2011


that is definitely what the thanksgiving holidays
turned out to be for my family..
one BIG surprise!

my fabulous and completely awesome parents 
celebrate their wedding anniversary in november
they got married on thanksgiving day
so they have that day as an anniversary
but then they also have their 'date' anniversary
since the date of thanksgiving is different every year
we had 49 years of wedded bliss to be celebrating!
mikey, giles and i headed to memphis on the wed before thanksgiving
we were going to eat with my parents at their house
to celebrate their anniversary
well, we also celebrate my birthday over thanksgiving holidays too
it was the friday after thanksgiving
and since we're only home for a short period of time
we have a lot to pack in a little time
my parents are kind enough to share their time with us
with all of our family and friends
so wednesday dinner was our time to be sure
we got to eat together and visit, etc
therefore we combined a little anniversary AND birthday celebrating
with two cakes 
one was from my parents for me
one was for my parents from me
they both conveyed very different messages
the one for me had 3 candles of pink and green
and was my dad's choice of cake- italian cream cake
happy birthday to me!!!
then the other one was two fold...
an anniversary cake
a birthday cake announcement
the anniversary part, for obvious reasons,
the birthday part, for far less obvious reasons
even less obvious than i had hoped for 
as i created the cake
with a PINK layer
and a BLUE layer...

i though... 'surely that is soooo obvious'
it was not! 
at all.
when i announced that the cake was both an anniversary cake 
but also a birthday cake for a birthday in june of 2012
not much else was discussed but how tasty the cake & icing were!
i said it again...
this is also a birthday cake for a birthday in june 2012...
more discussion about the cake, colors, taste, texture, icing...
after saying it--- almost doubled over in laughter that this message
was soooo diluted that no one was getting it,
my daddy finally said,
"are you pregnant?"
well, yeah.
pretty much.
THEN the discussion turned to joyous cries and hugs and fun and love
the message was much clearer when you say
'i am having a baby in june of 2012!!!'
giles has been asking for a sibling...
possibly, specifically for a baby SISTER, 
but he's going to have a 50% chance of having 
to learn the lesson that beggars can't be choosers!
we won't find out until january what God has blessed us with
but as soon as i can find out 
you bet i am going to be there with bells on!
and a highly caffeinated beverage
so maybe baby will dance and reveal without much hesitation...

so after the big reveal to mama & daddy
i had to calmly understand that my sister couldn't do much visiting 
that evening because she was nursing one child back to health
and had three others that she needed to keep on the calm side...
so we agreed to visit early the next day...

so when one best friend isn't available...
you go to your other one...
{note: not second choice... sisters understand that}
and when she's a twin, you get double the fun!!!
right after dinner i had to get out of the house 
and share my good news!
i had known about this since early october 
and i was finally able to tell!!!

so, to jenny's i went.
and so fortunately her twin margaret was in town too
so we shared a pink and blue piece of cake
that they too had a little trouble deciphering...
geez, people!!!
i thought my message was pretty darn clear...
but i guess it is more so if you're on the 'knowing' end
in the first place...
excitement ensued and we had a great time
with all of the baby chatter...
so fun to finally just chat about baby!!! day...thanksgiving
LOTS goes on on thanksgiving at my sister's house
smokin' a bird
playing kids everywhere
more cooking
so... i started planting my idea early
i was making it known...
i wanted a quick and informal family picture once everyone
was together and some of the frenzy had calmed down, 
but, before we sat down to eat.
i had a pretty good idea that my resourceful brother in law
would be more than helpful in making sure i was included in the picture
and he did not disappoint.
i have everyone in front of the fireplace all ready to go
and he disappeared...
only to quickly return with fully extended tri-pod in hand.
so... hurriedly i was able to say something to convince him
we'd get more pictures but let's just hurry up and take this one... 
and then this happened

 this one above is my favorite... it is 'the moment'

and in case you missed it
THIS is what happened

it sure was fun delivering that surprise 
to all of the unsuspecting :)
and just to clarify...
 my husband.
he's a real ham.
YES he knew before i told everyone in this picture!!!
at first i thought i forgot to tell him how i was going to tell my family
then it occurred to me what the funny man meant- heh, heh...

we had a fabulous thanksgiving
we're very thankful
God didn't hesitate to answer the desire of our heart
and BabyB2 will be here June 16th 2012...
or whenever his/her little heart desires...
i am partial only to any time my doctor is available ;)
other than that... i am flexible
{nice of me, huh?}

there were lots of fun times over the weekend 
and it was so nice to have several days together with family

we were looking forward to sharing with mike's family too...
we had planned to tell my family first this go 'round
since we told his first the first time around.
so, we decided we would go by and visit his family 
on the way home from memphis and let giles tell them
well... on that dreary and rainy sunday
giles decides that he, well... actually,
i will spare you...
we had to pull over and clean the car twice
change clothes twice
in the rain
on the side of the highway
is the picture pretty clear?
our healthy as a horse kid
decided to have a weak stomach
so we became pretty uncertain what was going on.
once we were home and it was clearly obvious
he felt fine and wasn't actually sick
off to grandma's we go!

giles got a big kick out of sharing the news
we were so proud of him
he actually waited until we gave him the signal
before he shared
he told them
"i am going to have a brother or sister soon"
which when we practiced was
"i am going to have a brother or sister in june"
but who's keeping track
and then mikey called his brothers...

it has been so much fun to have this experience again... 
the first time it takes you by storm...
and the second time too...
but it seems like we've absorbed more of the details this time

whew! you know this blog is like a journal of our family
so sorry for the minute details i had to share
i just didn't want to forget!!!

everyone we've told has been so happy for us and 
shared such kind and encouraging and excited thoughts and words with us
that means so very much...
we feel extra-ordinarily blessed

there were quite a few goofball moments during our
thanksgiving weekend...
here are just a few...

 in keeping with the 'bird' theme of thanksgiving
that would be a 'bird's nest' in giles' hair
 this one definitely says
'bird is the word'
 'bird's of a feather...'
 silly old birds...
 why, that would be a 'pot-head' right there
but, nearby, 'the bird'
and these right here are our cute birds...

we hope that each of you had a wonderful turkey day
with all your birds...
bock! bock!

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