Tuesday, December 6, 2011

sucker! {no pun intended...}

that was just wrong.
the title.
i couldn't resist -heh...

ok, really? this IS ridiculous!
i resisted twilight, 
the books, the movie, the hype
since my little obsession just started about a week ago...

but, it is, no less, that!
i am obsessed.
surely this will pass...

i am not a movie buff...
i can pretty much usually, ALWAYS, wait
i am not likely to stand in line for the debut 
of a much anticipated movie
i don't celebrity stalk online
i don't join 'teams'

and now...
 i am 
75% team jacob...

team jacob
{please excuse the pirated pictures... geez google image!}

is that ridiculous?
it totally feels that way...
almost as much as the fact that prior to this craze
i could count on ONE HAND 
how many movies i have watched more than once...
to date
twilight, twice
new moon, twice
and don't feel bad eclipse, you won't be left behind
that will also read twice, if all goes well with one preschooler's bedtime tonight...

i know it is clearly necessary to defend 
the greater loyalty to team edward...

it is really all in the way edward is just so tender with bella...
oh my stars...
how he looks at her!!!

i think i feel better,
like i have put it all out there...
but it is also quite embarrassing!!!
it's a MOVIE, people.

so, my plan to make it until next november 
when part II of the current movie is released?
i will wait until all of the rest are on dvd
and have a SERIOUS movie marathon...
 and i am already excited!!!


oh.... and i will also backtrack a bit.
i have all three of the first books on hold at the library.
should be a real productive month.

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