Thursday, December 29, 2011

christmas at #13

this post took fo'evah!
something was up with my blogger photo loader
and i had to upload each picture individually...
and i would have loved to have made a collage
of pictures instead of have individual pics,
but that didn't happen either!

will be back soon with a fun christmas morning/day post...

christmas is by far
my favorite holiday...

it is "the beginning"
while also being "the end"
the beginning of the life of Jesus Christ
the end of the calendar year

it is the start of renewal,
if you want it to be

i love the idea of starting over anew 
each year
 a clean slate is a great start

and while i love christmas decor
the putting up
the choosing which ones will get pulled from storage this year
or not
the taking down holds a special place in my heart too...
it's about that clean slate thing, i think...

but, before we go all flylady
i am going to share a few, or more,
of our favorite christmas decor...

it is so funny what triggers your memories.
this year, smith's variety posted about a chirping bird ornament 
they had for sale
 it occurred to me as soon as i saw it,
i remembered it from my childhood!
after a little thought,
i completely could picture my sweet granna's tree
and could hear this bird ornament chirping!
it was totally clear and a very fun memory...

we also had a pipe cleaner man in our tree decor box
when i was little
he was an orangey-red color and had a bead head, maybe? 
with a face drawn on him? 
i distinctly remember playing with him, 
like a child would play "house,"
in the christmas tree! 
whenever i think about that poor pipe cleaner man
i can't help but wonder, 
what became of him???

anyway, back to modern times!

i know that the memories of some of 
our decorations will stick with our children
long after they are lost, broken, or otherwise forgotten.
that is what prompted me to actually take the pictures i have to share...

this is *before* the baking commences... 

i totally had planned to get up early and get started
but i sat enjoyed some quiet time
and then sat at my computer
where i am still several hours later!
it's been a productive morning, 
but just not the way i envisioned...
moving on...
to my house!

so... now it is about 5 days later and i am just getting back to this post
i will claim *busy*
i mean, it has been the actual christmas holiday and all...

this will just be a picture dump,
because if i don't do it now,
it probably won't get done...
here goes!

this little trio is on my kitchen counter

a little art work

from my friend margaret from our college days,
still one of my favorite decorations!

concrete nativity given to me by my bff  
giles' nativity... one of them.... we love them & collect them!
our family got new stockings this year,
from willow house!

these are so special,
designed by penny mcallister.
she was a really special artist from tuscaloosa
who designed for midwest of cannon falls
as well as made original pieces...

a fun tassel

more collection... water globes... this is a favorite for sure

a little train giles plays with at christmas time

eric carle puzzle

giles went shopping for us at a craft bazaar
at his school and he picked this out for us!
and paid for it too!
isn't that the sweetest thing ever? i loved it so much!!!

part of the piles of presents i wrapped this year...

more penny mcallister

our sweet little elf winston...
we're pretty lucky, he doesn't 'do' naughty...

a vintage ornament from my parents collection...

one of my very favorite ornaments to hang on our tree

this is a super special ornament...
an addition to my radko collection
by very dear family friends...
and a perfect depiction of the real meaning of christmas...

that says it all!

this ornament is also from my parents collection...
i just cherish these as they have been in the family
for generations! three i think i could safely say...

craziness under the tree...

giles' closet door decor

my parent's vintage tinsel tree in giles' room

giles' room decor...
christmas book stack
cookies & milk for santa set

frosty adorns a door

giles' nutcracker collection

giles made us a plate! i treasure things like this...

my very first attempt at sewing...
a "darby" dish mat... you just don't want to look too closely...

so many fun treats to make with christmas corn :)

winston, our elf, left giles a note on december 20th
he headed on back to the north pole
he put his note next to the book he left giles last year,
he wanted us to have some down time {ha!}
to prepare for our savior's birth...
next year... we will really try hard to have that downtime,
this year, that word did not exist... and it was frustrating...
i actually bargain-prayed...
"God, if you will just allow us
to return to our house safely,
i will NEVER leave my house
like this again..."
it was is, that bad.

i hope you all had time to enjoy your decorations
and all the things about the season that make you smile.
having a 4 1/2 year old sure makes things fun...
each christmas is so special,
but each year, so far,
giles has gotten more & more of the fun of the season
and that is a great experience to share with your child...

one more christmas post to come...
hopefully before new years!!!

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melissa said...

You home is beautiful .. love all you decorations. And, your son is adorable!! I had 3 tow head boys myself :)(older now)

Thanks for visiting my blog .. my window lights and made just for windows and in the past years (6+) I always bought them at Walgreens .. none to be found there or anywhere else this year though.