Saturday, December 10, 2011

all things baby...

oh my.
things change!
awesome baby things, that is...

in 4.5 short years, baby stuff has gotten so much cooler!
i distinctly remember hearing this conversation
when giles came along,
a lot!

it was hard to imagine,
just how much could baby stuff change 
in 2-3 years or so...

well, i know in 4 1/2 years, it's changed.

here are some really neat things that i have found 
in my internet browsing...
they aren't *needs*
just merely things that look totally indulgent, fun
or possibly that they might make things easier

for instance, the video monitor
we live in a small house
we don't miss much
so why a video monitor?
well, because. that's why!
actually i figure with giles around, it will just make things easier
to be able to actually see the baby when i hear a noise
instead of having to "check"
if i can tell a noise is just part of the process of sleeping, 
or content 'hanging out in the crib time,' etc
it would be so much easier to know this,
especially with giles around...
in my imagination, he'll want to be around his sibling at ALL times--- ha!
so, if we can have longer rest times
and show him that baby isn't quite ready to be disturbed,
it might just make things a whoooole lot easier
so... we just might *need* this...
check it out!

and then... because it is just SOOOO cute and SOOOO soft
and so totally *not* a need...
i just love these two...

see this cutie here
and then there is this one... in case there are 'boy parts'
and you can see him here

i have always loved owls...
more so since giles was born {in decor, i suppose}
but now, they are almost too trendy,
but i still love them in small doses- like these precious friends!

and then there is sophie.
just so sweet.
and functional {she's a teether!}... which makes it more of a *need*
see sweet sophie here
and even though when it comes to buzz lightyear,
amazon has gone off the charts with being overpriced...
this is actually the best price going for ol' sophie...
she's normally almost $25!

and one more really, really neat idea...
*almost* a need... especially for those first few months
see this gem here
i think this just sounds so inviting
a soft light that charges in the wall
but then can be taken on the go!
just like this!
isn't that sweet?

i secretly, or not so secretly, cannot WAIT
to hold my baby in the middle of the night... 
i certainly didn't mind passing that buck to mike
on a fairly regular basis, especially at first,
but never did i hold my baby giles and wish i was any place else

ahh... i think i have baby fever :)
{thank goodness! right?}

1 comment:

Emily G. said...

I agree! I was shocked at how much things had changed/improved in between my kids.

I will say this....we LOVE the video monitor (got it for Abby; didn't have one for Nate)'s a definite must!!